Group Holistic Coaching


Session of Group Holistic Coaching 60 minutes with Luis Hunab Amaya (English or Spanish). All details further down the description.



Human energy, when put at the service of a common good, is capable of achieving the nonexistent, the impossible, and even the unimaginable.

My mission in this life is to propel people to achieve highly challenging goals, and of course have fun in the process.

Our meeting can be face-to-face or online. Once the payment is made, I will send you my personal information by email to schedule our session within 24 hours at most.

  • In case of being a session face-to-face:
    • We will schedule an available day and time.
    • We will be able to agree on an easily accessible meeting point for the team.
    • In case the team requires a visit, you will receive an additional quote for transportation costs.
  • In case of being a session on-line:
    • We will schedule an available day and time.
    • I will provide my Zoom or Skype ID via email.

Make sure to include all your information when making the purchase and select in the cart the number of sessions you want to add. Use the code "5sessions" to get a discount from the 10% when scheduling 5 sessions in the cart.


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