Healing Sessions

with Hunab


- Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice, it takes love.

Dohta Mace

Hunab PP Healing

My Worldview

I call medicine to any tool that allows us to transcend states of limitation and imbalance of our being. To heal It then becomes the process of transcending said states.

I am not a "shaman" or a "healer". I consider myself a facilitator of the medicines that I myself have needed to take to heal my body, my thoughts, my emotions, and my personal history.


Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

The experience of Bufo (5-MeO-DMT) can change your life... it is a powerful opportunity to reboot, reconnect and restore from a deep level of body, mind and spirit.

We create an environment safe, meaningful and spiritual so you can feel empowered in your healing journey.


- Micro-dose 90 minutes: Progressive taking of medicine in micro-doses.
- Bufo Ceremony 90 minutes: Taking medicine and brief integration.
- Full Session 150 minutes: Taking medicine with integration activity.

Sound Therapy

Sound has powerful healing properties that enable the different systems of our body. In addition to working with ancestral instruments for sound therapy, I also developed a sound therapy called "Beat Healing"which is supported by heart sound as bio-feedback to self-regulate the body.


- Beat Healing 90 minutes: Heart sound therapy with music or guided deep meditation.
- Sound Healing 90 minutes: With ancestral instruments and natural voice.

Hunab Shruti
Masaje Hunab

Body massage

I have learned different oriental and Mexican massage styles that allow me to offer a comprehensive and holistic experience. The benefits of my massages range from release muscle tension and improve blood circulation until completely restore vitality.


- Holistic Massage 60 minutes: Full body natural oil massage. Different pressure and tension release techniques are used.
- Thai massage 60 minutes: Full body massage with clothing focused on stretching muscles and tendons as well as body alignment.
- Acro-Lunar Massage 60 minutes: Gravity massage that achieves body alignment thanks to the body's own weight.

Lucid Dreams (and their interpretation)

Did you know that it is possible to live a life where infinite possibilities can be experienced? Transcendent experiences can happen in the world that allow us to grow personally and give deep meaning to our lives.

In these sessions you will learn to realize that you are dreaming and you can work in the dream world to align your physical reality.


- Initiation 90 minutes: Introduction to dreaming, creation of totem, general dream orientation and taking medicine with Zacatechichi plant (non-psychoactive).
- Dream Guidance 60 minutes: Dream interpretation and guidance.



Breathwork is a powerful and practical tool where synchronized breathing is the channel to achieve states of deep release of tension and emotions stored in the body.

ANDThis technique does not require any type of substance other than the pure oxygen available to breathe and has results from the first session..

Not only is conscious breathing work performed, but a sound journey is received that accompanies said experience, making the session a transcendental experience.


- 60 minute session: Guided breathing with live music and synchronized rhythms for optimal practice.

Holistic Session

A holistic session may focus on one technique or include a combination of the aforementioned tools, and would only be charged for the duration of the session.

Value per Session

60 minutes: $1500 mxn.
90 minutes: $2500 mxn.
150 minutes: $3000 mxn.

Payment methods

Cash only, in dollars or Mexican pesos. Bank transfer or cryptocurrency transfers are provided when scheduling a session and may have an extra charge.

It is also possible to offer some exchange for my services as a partial part of the total payment: Please contact me for this.

What to expect?

Safe Space

The sessions take place in a safe and comfortable space to get the most out of it. Sessions can also be in private spaces as long as it is reviewed in advance.

Wide experience

I have facilitated sessions for many people with profound and real results. I have studied and practiced each tool that I share in an exhaustive and committed manner.

Support and Loyalty

You will receive quality and supportive care with your process, so that you feel supported at all times. Confidentiality about your process is very important to me.


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