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Who is Hunab Amaya?

Audiovisual Artist

I am completely passionate about life; I dedicate my life to create systems and experiences that harmonize human life and give coherence to consciousness.

My visual and sound works express a path of initiation and expansion in the world of spirit, moving from the individual to the transpersonal.

All the art you see and hear on this website is created by me with a lot of dedication, dedication and love. If you like my creations remember to refer me. ✫

"There is medicine in the heart" ♥️

Healing Sessions

I specialize in creating harmonious environments and conditions that facilitate peace, healing, transformation and integration. I am a person with integrity and I am deeply nourished by sharing with others the most powerful personal growth techniques that I have been able to discover.

Traveling the world and understanding the different ancestral medicines led me to create unique experiences that accelerate the healing of our entire system of experiencing reality. You deserve to be free, to be able to trust and feel healthy.

Conscious Design

I am passionate about designing visual and sound systems that fulfill a specific function or purpose.

I deeply enjoy discovering other people's ideas and helping them nurture coherence and direction from the start. As an artist I am capable of creating social and educational structures, brands and identity, mockups and songs, therapeutic and entertainment experiences. It is about designing an idea and presenting it to the world as it is dreamed.


My approach in musicalization is to create transformative environments and experiences through the use of musical instruments. Music, as a vibration, becomes a bridge to coherence and connection with our inner being.

Whether at ceremonial events, yoga classes or medicine concerts, I carefully select each note and rhythm to synchronize them with the intention of the moment, guiding people on a journey towards healing and transformation.

My projects

Focus and synchronization technology that uses an accessible Bio-Feedback technique to regulate and balance the brain and heart.

An NGO that values life and consciousness, working in an interconnected mindset to empower human potential and carry out its mission.

School of music, sound and sacred geometry that fuses tradition and musical innovation to take students on a journey of self-knowledge

Company that offers innovative, harmonious and ingenious visual solutions to optimize and enhance brands using Sacred Geometry.

Buffo experience

This experience can change your life; it is a powerful opportunity to reset, reconnect, and restore yourself at a deep level of body, mind, and spirit.

Contemporary style that rescues and redesigns pre-Hispanic techniques, equivalent to Indian Yoga and other martial arts practices.

"Life is a Dream, "waking up is choosing to live it".


What I share:

Spiritual Intelligence

Imagine being able to operate your life from a spiritual level while maintaining physical balance. Spiritual intelligence is the ability to unite heaven and earth (idealization with materialization).

Emotional Resilience

It is inevitable that events occur that put our emotional stability in trouble. Being emotionally resilient means being prepared for any psychic storm.


I believe in the ability of each person to be free under their own means. I seek to be the master of my own life, sharing with humility and authentic love the tools that have helped me.


Ricardo Perret
Innovation Expert

"Hunab is an innovator who combines tools from different disciplines to offer a new way to connect with yourself and thus manifest a new reality."

Alfredo Salazar
Founder of Eco World Building

"Hunab Amaya, an old spirit living in turbulent and challenging times, a good time to join forces."