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Who is Hunab Amaya?

Artist and Designer

passionate about life; I dedicate my life to create systems that harmonize human life. My visual and sound works express a path of initiation and expansion in the world of the spirit, moving from the individual to the transpersonal.

All the art that you see and hear on this website is created by me with a lot of dedication, delivery and love. If you like my creations remember to refer me. ✫ ♥️


I specialize in creating harmonic environments and conditions that facilitate peace, beauty and creativity through sounds, music and stories. This is what I call "Harmonization."

The music that comes naturally from me is ideal for creating a sense of harmony on an individual and group level. I can guide transformative experiences or simply play music while someone else facilitates them, seeking to establish a deep and unique connection between the people present.

Conscious Design

I am passionate about designing visual and sound systems that fulfill a specific function or purpose.

I deeply enjoy discovering other people's ideas and helping them nurture coherence and direction from the start. As an artist I am capable of creating social and educational structures, brands and identity, mockups and songs, therapeutic and entertainment experiences. It is about designing an idea and presenting it to the world as it is dreamed.


Get personal power from various sources and start manifesting a life you deserve and dream of. I love sharing mindful empowerment techniques with which you can recreate your life and inspire those around you.

During our time together, conversations of profound value take place that can bring important achievements and cause significant impact. 

Mis proyectos

Una ONG que valora la vida y la conciencia, trabajando en una mentalidad interconectada para potenciar el potencial humano y llevar a cabo su misión.

Empresa que ofrece soluciones visuales innovadoras, armónicas e ingeniosas para optimizar y potenciar marcas utilizando la Geometría Sagrada.

Escuela de música, sonido y geometría sagrada que fusiona la tradición y la innovación musical para llevar a los estudiantes en un viaje de autoconocimiento

Tecnología de concentración y sincronización que utiliza una técnica de Bio-Feedback accesible para regular y balancear el cerebro y el corazón.

Experiencia de Bufo

Esta experiencia puede cambiar tu vida; es una poderosa oportunidad para reiniciarse, reconectarse y restaurarse a un nivel profundo de cuerpo, mente y espíritu.

Estilo contemporáneo que rescata y rediseña técnicas prehispánicas, equivalentes al Yoga de la India y otras prácticas de artes marciales.

La sabiduría que sigue buscando yace en un diminuto e indivisible punto al interior de su corazón.

Encuentre silencio interno y contemple el eterno sueño para su liberación.


My skills to share:

Spiritual Intelligence

Imagine being able to operate your life from a spiritual level while maintaining physical balance. Spiritual intelligence is the ability to unite heaven and earth (idealization with materialization).

Emotional Resilience

It is inevitable that events occur that put our emotional stability in trouble. Being emotionally resilient means being prepared for any psychic storm.


I believe in the ability of each person to be free under their own means. I seek to be the master of my own life, sharing with humility and authentic love the tools that have helped me.


Ricardo Perret
Innovation Expert

"Luis is an innovator who combines tools from different disciplines to offer a new way of connecting with his interior and thus manifest a new reality."

Alfredo Salazar
Founder of Eco World Building

"Luis Amaya, an old spirit living in turbulent and challenging times, a good time to join forces."