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Decretos - Hunab Amaya

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This book is a gem, free to read below on the page, and I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot. “Decrees: The Science of the Word and its Hidden Power” is a book inspired by the Toltec culture that teaches the importance of conscious use of words. In this text I share from my experience practical tools to use the decrees, powerful affirmations that can transform our reality, and teaches how language is a powerful tool to manifest our desires and achieve our goals. This book is a guide for those seeking to consciously and effectively transform their lives through the power of the word.

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decrees The Science of the Word and its Hidden Power

Decretos La Ciencia de la Palabra y su Poder Oculto

By Hunab Amaya. All Rights Reserved ©2023. Third Edition by Hunab Amaya.



    I am infinitely grateful to all my life teachers, especially my mother Laura and my father Enrique, because in their word I have found the most profound teachings that any being can receive. To my grandparents for their valuable love lessons. Thanks also to Juan, Pedro, Beatriz, Eduardo V., Eamonn & Claudia, Paola, Elena, Marian, Javier, Alfredo, Adrián, Karla, Elizabeth, Carol, Armando, Pamela, Daniela, Patricio and Sofía M. for being present at my heart during the writing process of this work. Special thanks to my beloved, for helping me keep the flame of love, hope and understanding burning while writing this book.


    Dear traveler:

    what did you know willpower and noble intention lead you on the path of enlightenment, fulfillment and harmony.

    Don't forget that the Universe is always on your side.





    The word is considered a great means of power since ancient times. It is through thought and language that we design and manifest our reality. In order to get everything we wanted and needed when we were little, we had to learn to communicate it through words. That, then, is one of the principles by which the creativity of the human being is manifested. I'm not the first person to tell you about how influential words are, and the importance of getting used to constructive language. That can be found in hundreds of books on personal motivation, religion, and philosophy.

    If you think about it, we become, sooner or later, what we speak about; and deeper still, how we talk about it. Every morning when my neighbor leaves her apartment, she makes sure to say hello to her plants. The magic happens right away, when he adds: "How beautiful they look now." The impact your words have goes beyond the appearance of the plant itself. It encompasses a whole vision of the world; a way of interpreting and creating the information that your 5 senses allow you to experience. By this I mean that your words are the product of a lifestyle and reflect what exists within you. Let me tell you, those plants are really beautiful. Studies have proven that your words influence the development of your environment, including that of living beings. My neighbor's plants are beautiful because their natural beauty is reinforced with words. I hope by this you understand that words are a crucial factor in shaping our environment and governing the course of our lives.

    I will summarize hundreds of texts on neurolinguistic programming and spirituality in this paragraph. When you gain control over your words and your vocabulary, you've taken the first step toward tapping into the true power within. Words are the beginning of every action, conscious or unconscious, good or bad, that we take in our lives, and they operate in the psychic experience in a substantial way. Personally I don't think the decisions are good or bad; They are decisions, and they give us results from which we can always learn to develop and evolve. The more you believe what you say, the closer you will be to it being true. But what about people who say they are one way, and their attitude reflects the opposite? Trust me, these people don't believe deep down inside what they say, but I guarantee if they keep repeating it, sooner or later they will believe it and make it real. This is how "say" and "believe" work together. This is known as a decree. So when he decrees, he fully believes what he says. The formula sounds simple, probably even obvious, but deep down it is a real challenge worth trying to get used to.

    The different disciplines that I have studied in my life have led me to practice a branch that systematically integrates the knowledge acquired. Likewise, the intention of this work is to invite the reader to constantly innovate his vocabulary and activate the unique potential that he keeps inside.

    There are some philosophical principles that I consider important to mention in order to clarify the path that will be followed in the practice of the Toltec decrees (so called because of their philosophical affinity with Toltequity). Everything written here is intended to evoke in you an interest in expanding your knowledge and love. This is a book practical, which suggests taking each and every one of the activities described as personal experience. I am sure that if you apply the recommended exercises, you will not only enjoy a significant change that will allow you to design and build your destiny, but those around you will begin to perceive and apply it in their lives as well. If you are a person in constant improvement, you will also improve your environment. May your good will guide you through the following pages, constantly thinking: how can I improve my life and my environment with the information written here?


    The Great Legend


    Our oldest and wisest grandparents tell a beautiful legend; The Great Legend of Creation. It is said that even before light, in the total darkness of existence, there was sound. Even before any cosmic explosion, any formation of stars, or the appearance of any color that we can imagine, a subtle and constant song sustained nothingness in serene stillness. The Universe emitted sublime frequencies, audible today only to those beings with greater perception.

    An incalculable moment happened for the dance between order and chaos to be reconciled in music, created by the still sleeping cosmos. Harmony appeared, and thus, the Universe was already perfect even before light. But one element was not manifesting yet; time. That intonation was suspended in the eternity of shadows, patiently waiting to be discovered. Thus, in a mysterious act of love, time happened. A rhythm so smooth and colossal, that the already existing harmony, for the first time, smiled. Everything was like a strong and vast "OM".

    The Universe learned its first song, and kept repeating it over and over again. He continued to vary frequency patterns and discovered the power of melody. He created millions and millions of melodies, all beautiful and majestic. Thus he lived another eternity, immersed in ecstasy. He experimented with all the different combinations of sounds possible, with all the notes that were within his reach. That's how he discovered the word.

    And he understood that all this that he had created could be perceived by something else. Something he still wasn't sure if it was inside or outside, far or near. What he was sure of was that this apparent alien entity and he were united by love. For the first time he experienced loneliness and immediately looked for ways to meet that presence that accompanied him. He used all the sounds he knew, but none of them worked to manifest what he wanted.

    After endless attempts, the Universe gave up. He yielded to silence again. And only then, only this time, with his pure will still burning, could he hear a sound that he did not make: two taps separated by silence. From the depths of the darkness the creative sound was heard; "MA". And for the first time, the Universe could see, for a few moments, the light.

    Then he understood. He repeated that word like music, and there was light.


    The Toltekayot


    The Toltekáyotl or toltequity is the philosophical current that gives root to the cultural identity of the land of Anahuac, where I was born. Like Taoism, Hinduism or Buddhism, Toltekáyotl seeks the perfect balance between the satisfaction of material subsistence needs and the transcendental needs of existence. Although there are few schools that preserve the valuable teachings of this very particular philosophical current. The closest meaning that makes up his intention is “the art of living well”.

    The principles of Toltekáyotl range from the study of the movement of the stars to the alteration of regular states of consciousness, which reflects the diversity of approaches within this philosophy. In short, toltequity is based on the balance of three existential planes of being: the physical (through proper nutrition and exercise), the mental (through correct thought and speech) and the spiritual (through being and perception). ).

    This book seeks to achieve a general balance in each of the concepts it addresses. Although the Toltekáyotl teachings have been preserved mainly orally, since much of the written information has been lost or reinterpreted, it is important to note that many people apply them in their daily lives without even realizing it. However, I am convinced that the philosophical roots of a culture can provide an enriching response to the collective problems it faces.


    This chapter will focus on concepts that I have considered essential for the general understanding of Toltequity and the power of the word that this current in particular suggests. They are principles that explain the nature of the behavior of the cosmos and consciousness, leaving to our will the power to design the paths of our existence. They try to simplify our understanding of reality and extend our perception parameters about it. They also help to support a solid language to refer to in order to better understand the teachings.


    The attempt


    In the Toltec worldview, intent is a fundamental concept in the search for personal power and the expansion of consciousness. Intent is the force that moves action and determines its quality and direction. That is, the intent is almost like the energy we put into our actions and thoughts.

    Imagine that the intent is the fuel that drives the engine of your life. If the fuel is of poor quality, the engine will be affected and it will not work properly. If the fuel is of good quality, the engine will perform better and run more efficiently. In the same way, if our intent is weak or confused, our actions will not have the necessary force to manifest our desires and goals. If our intent is clear and focused, our actions will have more power to create the reality we desire.

    Native American tribes have a conception of Intent that goes beyond the individual and is related to the purpose and mission of the Great Spirit. According to this vision, everything that exists in nature has a purpose and a function within the divine plan of the Great Spirit. For these cultures, the Intent of the Great Spirit is the purpose and mission of life itself, and every living being has a role to play in that purpose. From the flight of an eagle to the growth of a plant, every element of nature has a role to play in the great web of life.

    In this vision, the human being has a special responsibility, since he has been given the gift of conscience and the ability to make decisions. Human beings are expected to live in harmony with nature and respect the Intent of the Great Spirit, being aware of their role in the balance and harmony of life. In this sense, the Intent of the Great Spirit is related to the idea that life has a purpose beyond the individual, and that each living being has a responsibility within that purpose. For Native American cultures, harmony and balance of life are fundamental, and respect for the Intent of the Great Spirit is essential to achieve it.

    Intent is also related to attention and focus. When we put our attention and focus our intent on something, we are directing our energy towards that goal. If our attention is scattered and our intent is weak, our energy is scattered and we fail to achieve our goals.

    Are you aligned with the intent of the Universe and of life? Are you acting on your own intent or someone else's? How aware are you of your own intent or the intent of existence?

    Although the Intent of the Great Spirit is a mysterious force that drives existence and guides the purpose of every living being, the human being's ability to make decisions and establish agreements is also fundamental in creating harmony and balance in life. In this sense, the power of the word and the creation of agreements are important tools to align with the Intent of the Great Spirit and achieve harmony in life. Agreements are a way of establishing intentions and commitments that allow human beings to collaborate in creating a reality in which everyone can live in balance and harmony.


    The Agreement


    From our birth, we are exploratory beings with a brain eager to generate new memories and a very extensive genetic record. Our innate curiosity drives us to discover everything that surrounds us, while our mind relates each experience lived with pleasure and pain, thus establishing a series of guidelines that define our way of acting for the rest of our lives.

    In this process of self-discovery, the guidance of our parents plays a crucial role, since it allows us to save certain steps in experimentation and continue defining and establishing those guidelines. However, it is important to bear in mind that they can also condition behaviors that limit our experience of life.

    When a child is shocked while playing with a power cord, an association is created in his brain that tells him that power cords are dangerous. This association is further reinforced by the pain experienced by the child, leading to the belief that "all wires are dangerous." As he grows up, this belief (or agreement) develops into a particular fear of power lines that can manifest as discomfort in their presence.

    An agreement is a conscious or unconscious choice made towards others or towards oneself about accepting something as true. You have to agree with something to believe it and accept it. Every belief of every person is based on agreements that the same person accepts.

    We must keep in mind that we often accept (or agree with) associations or statements that are not necessarily true or beneficial to us. For example, when a parent gets angry because his son has played in the rain and soiled his clothes, the child may associate playing in the rain and soiling his clothes with bad outcomes in the family context. Agreeing with this association reinforces the belief that certain activities can have negative consequences, even when this is not necessarily the case.

    How many agreements can you remember in your life that you have accepted unconditionally, without stopping to assess whether they were beneficial to you?

    I hope you understand with this simple premise that in order to believe in something you must agree with it. Every day of your life you create and reinforce new agreements, according to the associations your brain makes after interpreting the experiences you live. Whether something is good or bad depends on how much pleasure or pain the mind associates with any given experience and how those sensations are interpreted.

    The subtle difference between an agreement and a belief is that an agreement implies an active choice on the part of the individual, while a belief can be accepted without the need for a conscious process of choice. Also, an agreement can be modified or changed if deemed necessary, while a belief can be more difficult to change or challenge due to the emotional or cultural force it has on the individual. Then what are thought to be old or limiting "beliefs" can be turned into agreements and rewritten.

    The problem arises when we choose to establish agreements that we never verify and that can restrict our development and personal growth. The most influential agreements we make in our lives, and how we conceive and accept them, are formed during our childhood. This is because we have limited life experience and as a result often choose to believe the references we look up to or the people who raised us. Sometimes the agreements we make with the guidance of our parents simply meet their needs and limit ourselves. Parents cannot be blamed for this, as little in life today encourages human beings to use conscious language that promotes healthy freedom. We do not believe in our parents, but we grow up early agreeing with them and with the relationship we have with them.

    Think of the little girl who was looking forward to seeing her father in the audience at her Christmas performance. A few minutes before going on stage, a classmate of hers tells her that she looks ugly. She can't believe this, she doesn't agree because her father has told her countless times that she is beautiful. However, entering the stage, the girl does not find her father in the audience. This causes you to enter a state of deep disappointment that will affect your performance in the presentation. The girl has stopped thinking about the play; now, he can only think about the different reasons why his dad was not present. In her deductive process, she might come to think that her father doesn't love her enough; or even worse, citing a recent reference and thinking it looks ugly, another reason why her father didn't want to go see her. So she creates a new deal, and thinks that if she looks "ugly" no one is going to want to see her. This will affect the way she lives when she grows up, affecting her male relationships and her relationship with herself. As long as she continues to have this agreement (which she surely forgot how and when she did it), she will continue to suffer every time a suitor doesn't show up for her appointment, or when someone calls her "ugly" again. Your brain will silently trigger this unconscious memory, leading you to somatically relive this experience over and over again; without realizing it, she is a prisoner of a moment and an emotion interpreted by herself.

    One of the suggested methods to locate the agreements that we have accepted and that harm us throughout our lives is through hypnotic regression (recapitulation for the Toltecs). The idea is that, in a focused way, we relive the moment in which we adopt any agreement and pause the scene for a few seconds. We can break the agreement simply by realizing that we are always above it. Breaking agreements that we have had with ourselves and that obstruct our path of growth is a process of liberation of our being. The young woman who decides to return mentally to the scene where she did not find her father, today can also decide to change her agreement and reinterpret it: "my father was not there because he loves me so much that he was working so that I lacked nothing"; and that is a conscious decision.

    The power of the agreement is that in its essence it carries impregnated "believe". To agree with something you must believe in it. That is why the idea it is the seed of creative power. Most of the “successful” people in the world will tell you that what you have built and make you successful was born first in your imagination. The detail with human beings is that we rarely stop to reflect on the quality of our agreements, and where they take us on a personal and cultural level. Imagine how much damage it does, individually and collectively, to agree that "human beings are destructive and will end themselves." Your whole life will then revolve around this belief, and your very actions will lead you to act according to your agreement. You could then think that this idea is reinforced by what you see on the news, or because a related misfortune happened to an acquaintance of yours. But you have the power to look at the other side of the coin and create a new agreement based on it. Believe it, your agreements are your reality.

    I invite you to bring awareness to the agreements that govern your daily life. When you experience vivid emotions, such as joy, melancholy, or jealousy, immediately ask yourself, "What do I have to agree with to feel what I'm feeling?" This simple question will make you look around for details that lead you to the agreement.

    A friend who spent his days glued to the phone, one day confessed to me that he was obsessed with knowing what his partner was doing. He found out through social networks, or by constantly sending him messages. Little by little it affected their relationship in a negative way. What had started as a show of procuring, was turning into a ball of negative feelings that disturbed the peace of both. That day, after asking him why he was suspicious of his partner, his answers revolved around attitudes that she took when they were together, such as constantly looking at the phone, hiding it when reading a message, or frequently escaping to entertainment activities when he was not around. . I told him, first of all, that his discomfort was the product of himself and not of her, because even if she was being unfaithful, being disturbed was a decision he made at that moment. I caught her attention immediately and continued by asking: - "What do you have to agree with to believe that she is unfaithful to you?" At first he did not quite understand the question, but it was only necessary to repeat it once more for him to take a brief pause and reflect on it. - “I would have to agree that she is an aberrational person. I would have to agree that she is not the right person for me. I would have to agree that this is what I deserve to have." He already anticipated where he wanted to go with this, so I proceeded to tell him that I was already accepting those agreements, and that until he decided to change them, their relationship was going to improve. A couple of months later he told me that that day he had decided to agree that his partner was a nice, faithful and happy person, and that it was what he deserved for himself. "Things just started flowing between the two of them, as if just agreeing to these new ideas would take care of itself."

    It is not that after changing an agreement things will be fixed by themselves. Really, when you agree with something, your rational self seeks to prove it one way or another. So what you do is direct your attention and focus to how you would like things to be, until eventually you agree with them. In the same way, every time you find yourself involved in a situation in which emotional discomfort arises in you, stop immediately and ask yourself: "What do I have to agree with to feel this way?" I'm sure you'll find more than one agreement that leads you to feel that way. It is very gratifying to locate limiting agreements, since changing them is a matter of will. In fact, this is where the word plays an important role in both breaking old agreements and creating new ones. It is important to say aloud or in writing a small "contract" in which old agreements are canceled and new ones are raised.

    Finding all the agreements that have prevented us from transcending in our lives is a long process that involves dedication and commitment, and it is worth the effort to carry it out to improve the quality of our lives and that of others. In my personal experience, the most effective way to stimulate the memory of disruptive agreements is through recapitulation. Recapitulating is nothing more than remembering fragments of our lives. We recap when we talk with a family member about old memories or when we detail our weekend. We recap whenever we talk about our past. For this reason, organizations like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), which base their principles on reconstructing their past through conversation and writing, are so efficient in purifying the psyche and eradicating dependencies and corrosive attitudes.

    "He who is able to locate his agreements and restructure them, has the key to the greatest of changes."

    The Tonal and the Nagual


    For the ancient Toltecs, reality was divided into two fundamental parts, not necessarily dual. The totality unfolds into different dimensions, but the differentiation of the tonal and the nagual is key to understanding a whole worldview in a synthesized way.

    Tonal means, in Nahuatl, that related to light. The word tonalli for example, it refers to the day or the sun. This concept encompasses everything related to visible matter in the Universe and the tools we have to perceive and interpret our reality through light. The tonal is the interpretation of everything we can see, touch, smell, hear and taste. Imagine the tonal as a bubble of individual perception, marked by everything we can be aware of in the moment. On the other hand, the nagual is the concept of everything in existence that we are incapable of perceiving in the same way as the tonal. The Universe is full of forces and objects that exist but that it is impossible for us to capture with our limited senses. Thanks to technological advances, we know that there are many ways that energy travels through space, from radio waves to gamma rays. However, since ancient times it has been known that the tonal was only a tiny fraction of the whole. For this reason they referred to perception as "The Island of Tonal", since everything that surrounded it and that we could not experience was outside our superficial sensory reach.

    Delving into everything related to nagualism is a journey without apparent end. When the human being discovered that there was something beyond the simple matter that he could perceive, practically impossible to explain, he knew that his limited existence had continuity in dimensional planes that deserved to be explored. From there, various ways were sought to expand the levels of consciousness and be able to capture more of said totality. I do not intend to delve into this topic too much, as it would be moving away from the central objective of the book. Even so, I consider it important to make this term clear, since it is popularly believed that the nagual is a man or woman capable of transforming into an animal; or, a synonym for "wise" or "wise". In my personal interpretation I can only assure that the nagual is much more than any rational speculation that anyone can provide. You need to experience the nagual to understand how little definable it is, and at the same time, the enormous potential that this active side of this reality has for our development as living beings.

    For this reason, the central objective of all the activities suggested in this book is to “order our tonal”. This can be simplified to any action that helps us perfect and polish our internal and external essence, which will be reflected to the rest of the people around us. We order our tonal when we begin to detail our personality, we define our values and principles, we contemplate our emotions without being prisoners of them, we help other people, we eat healthy, or we simply work our body to keep it healthy. So, if all that we can perceive and interpret from the totality is the tonal, when we order our tonal we are reconfiguring the neuro-associative processes that take place in our mind and that give meaning to reality itself. We are "re-programming" the "interpretation machine" of our mind. Putting our tonal in order, the access gap to the nagual opens.

    Ordering our tonal involves working on our ability to focus and direct our intent. That is, learning to put our energy into the things that really matter and that lead us towards our goals. When we learn to direct our intent effectively, we can create the reality we desire and achieve the personal power that allows us to expand our consciousness.

    The reason why the concept of tonal is so important in Toltec culture is because by seeking to be like the tonalli levels of existential transcendence are reached that bring us closer to fulfillment. If you seek to be like light or like the sun, with all that this represents for life, your principles and values will be radically restructured. Your tonal is your body, mobile temple of your consciousness, your thoughts and your interpretation of these. But also, their tonal is the "glow" that radiates to those around them. When your tonal is in harmony, you begin to experience the natural flow of existence, without prejudice or discomfort. Cleaning our tonal leads us to clarity, from where the perceptual focus becomes sharp and the spectrum with which we make sense of things is extended. The feelings of fulfillment and success that people seek in their lives, regardless of the difference in values and principles that govern it, occur when their tonal is in order.

    Our tonal is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain, which is linked to our right side of the body. This hemisphere is rational, critical, and is constantly analyzing what key elements exist when we experience a high-impact emotional event. In this way, it creates relationships between said elements (which must be unique and distinctive) with the emotion that we experience. For example, if a child goes to a children's party with a classmate they appreciate and lives a humiliating event (such as falling on the cake), their brain will look for the key and differentiating elements in the environment that separate them from the rest of the experiences they have had up to that point. moment. I assure you that if the cake has a particular character drawn on it, this character can become a trigger for the same negative emotion in the future. Thus, you will avoid meeting the character on the cake, since it will remind you of that unfortunate event. However, despite the fact that the tonal is built by our rational being, to order it, measures that involve irrationality must be implemented.

    Below I will share with you 3 very simple techniques to “sweep” our tonal and begin the cleansing process you need to restructure your life. Remember that practice makes perfect, and that we are not what we say we are, nor what we say we are going to do, but what we do. Do any of the exercises, even when you don't feel like doing it. Be sure to link feelings of pleasure to the suggested activities, both during your process and when looking at the results. In this way, your brain will create important neural associations that will lead you to adapt a new constructive habit. I'll take care of suggesting pleasant incentives to create such relationships, but I also invite you to design your own methods of positive neural linking (the same ones that you will learn intuitively if you follow the recommended ones).

    correct breathing

    When we inhale air and take it to our stomach, the distribution of oxygen throughout the body is different. Have you seen a baby or a dog breathe? I invite you to lie on your back and feel your belly filling with air with your hands. This way you will get used to this sensation and when your body is in other positions you will be able to recognize it. Be aware of your breathing throughout the day. Think about her constantly. When you take a shower, when you wash the dishes, when you are on your way to work, or during a conversation. Make sure you don't forget your breathing and correct it as soon as you do. At first it can hurt a little on the sides of the abdomen; It is normal, since it is moving muscles that have probably been inactive for a long time. This is an attention challenge, since you have to think about it repeatedly. If you can add listening to your heart to this exercise, the relaxation effect will be enhanced. Get a stethoscope (the cheapest you can find) and listen closely to your heart. I assure you that this is a very strong internal reconnection experience that will be well worth the try. You will like it so much that it will become a habit to listen to your heart from time to time before going to sleep, or before any meditation. There is nothing that human beings enjoy more than breathing. But it is such a recurring activity that we take it for granted, and we lose the sense of pleasure attached to it. Be sure to enjoy every deep breath, at least 3 of them fully conscious each day. Feel how the oxygen that reaches your lungs is transformed into energy that your entire body, especially your brain, needs and enjoys.

    physical movement

    Conscious physical movement is one of the most effective ways to order the tonal. Pre-Hispanic dance (like many others around the world) is an act of conscious movement, in which the postures evoke states of very high power and vitality. I highly recommend that you dance. Dancing is not only a physical exercise of great concentration; It can also represent a very fun game with which you can release high amounts of dopamine and get rid of stress easily. As an alternative to dancing, there are different types of practices that are based on movement in full consciousness. Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, Aikido or Moyektilia (Toltec physical discipline) are some excellent ways to make conscious movement. In order to link pleasure with these activities, it is necessary to find at least an instant benefit as a result.

    I have a good friend who gained a few pounds after two years of marriage. His wife, who was used to exercising, told him that he needed to lose weight. After justifying herself with a lack of time for work, she conditioned it in a radical and highly effective way. One morning she told him “I have a challenge for you. From now on, if you want to receive a kiss from me, you will have to do 20 push-ups or 20 sit-ups.” At first, he complained about it, but seeing that she was very sure of her position, he decided to try it once. Playing along, and after giving him the first passionate kiss, she continued: "Well, every time you want to sleep with me, you will have to have done a full 1 hour routine." My friend couldn't believe it. After several complaints, she asked that they do the test, which would be the best for him. After accepting, said conditioning became a habit that made him lose 15 kilos in less than 3 months. She associated the maximum pleasure her husband could experience as a reward for doing something he hated. With this, he not only got him to exercise, but he linked pleasure to it. This caused my friend to exercise for fun, not for reward, over time. I personally don't agree with this method or behaviorism in general; but it is an example of how the brain works to associate pleasure with things that we normally reject.

    Now, if none of this sounds appealing to you, I can recommend 3 more activities in particular: walking backwards, handstands, or rolling on the floor. Despite appearing to be absurd, and of course irrational, they are the most powerful exercises to help the left hemisphere to remodel itself. Try it and you will see how good it feels to do it, because it is like reliving the simplicity of being a child. Have fun doing it, smile, and if possible, do it with someone you appreciate.


    When I watched cartoons and programs on television from a very young age, there was something that deeply captured my attention. A character would pause their dialogue to interact with the audience watching, making me feel like I was a part of their script or story. This interaction between realities is known as break the fourth wall. With this example, you will understand that every time we pray, or seek to have contact with entities that we consider divine (according to our cultural or religious beliefs), we are breaking the fourth wall of the dimension or reality in which we inhabit. The fourth wall can also be an analogy to the limit of our Tonal or bubble of perception. You can exercise breaking the fourth wall by constantly looking at yourself through the eyes of an alien beholder.

    If you are with a group of people, how do you think you would see yourself from the eyes of any of them? If you are alone, just imagine your consciousness transferring to a camera or eye anywhere you want. The point of the exercise is to focus attention from the outside, so that we look at ourselves. You are probably wondering at this point how this benefits you, or what it has to do with ordering your tonal. Every time he breaks the fourth wall to see himself or herself, he is able to appreciate how small his problems are. When you are in the middle of a discussion between two people and you take an impartial position, you are able to understand the arguments of the contestants, for the simple reason that you do not stick to those arguments; you are a spectator. In the same way, you can detach yourself from your own arguments that keep you in disabling states.

    Recapitulation is the conscious practice of breaking the fourth wall on past events in our lives. The correct recapitulation goes beyond just remembering. It is very important that you control your breathing to retain more attention during these processes. To recap, we must visualize our own memory as a tape that we can play, rewind, fast forward and pause at will. When you locate particular moments in your past in which you experienced suffering, it is necessary that you stop the scene just at the moment when you are going to suffer (in memory). Freeze that moment and break the fourth wall. Look at the situation through the eyes of a bystander and from that perspective look for a new interpretation of the moment. It is always possible to find a positive reason to understand that this situation does not destroy us, but rather builds us..

    If a young man stops the moment when his father told him that he was incompetent because of his bad grades when he was 10 years old, manages to break the fourth wall and decides to see that event from the outside, he has a better perspective. He will be able to find at least one positive element to replace the suffering. You may say “that moment helped me bring out the best in myself” or “after that day, I found my old paintings and started making paintings again”. Then the magic happens when you say thank you out loud for that moment. If the brain manages to replace the suffering of any memory with Gratitude, your interpretation of reality will radically change and your perception of life will be profoundly beneficial for you.. If you think about it, when you thank from the heart for something, you are adding forgiveness to this feeling, because you cannot thank for something that you reject. Saying THANK YOU may not feel authentic at first, but I guarantee that after repeating the action enough times, you will begin to feel the negative emotions dissipate and you will slowly heal.

    To reinforce or increase the impact of the recapitulation exercises, you can go to hypnosis sessions, regressions or guided meditations that maintain this approach:

    1. Locate memories or memories that gave rise to limiting emotions that you currently experience.
    2. Stop the scene and break the fourth wall.
    3. Find a constructive meaning of the event and give sincere thanks to the people and elements involved.

    You can also get into the great habit of remembering your day before you sleep, as well as your dreams right after you wake up (avoid spending more than 30 minutes a day on each one).

    Once you begin to carry out the suggested activities to order your tonal on a recurring basis, you will realize that little by little you maintain greater focus and management of your emotions. The best thing is that this management that he will exercise over them will not lead him to become an inexpressive or obsessive person, quite the opposite. To "control" our emotions is to direct the flow of those that enable us and prevent the emergence of those that incapacitate us. You should know that each exercise will have a profound impact on your interpretation of life. Eventually, you will become aware of your breathing most of the time, which will keep you awake and with very high attention levels. Physical movement will lead you to increase your vitality and eliminate diseases that threaten your body. The recapitulation will transform your emotional system to such a degree that you will feel a lightness on a physical and mental level. Keep in mind that with the passing of time, these will become habits, and that you will be able to resort to them with the least effort. Challenge yourself to perform the 3 principles (breathing, physical movement and recapitulation) to order your tonal for a month and be sure to record the results.


    The Feathered Serpent and the Smoking Mirror


    In Mexico there is a characteristic symbol of pre-Hispanic cultures that is a banner of the worldview of ancient peoples. It is found in most archaeological sites in Mexico and Central America as the maximum representation of the cosmic divinity. The feathered serpent is undoubtedly the most mysterious allegory inherited from Toltec wisdom, because while it represented the spiritual transcendence of the indigenous man, for the Spanish and the rest of Europe it was a reflection of their religious interpretation related to evil and sin. Unfortunately, after the colonization of the new continent, the real meaning of the feathered serpent was forgotten, and only the wise men with access to the nagual were able to preserve the power of the symbol. Many anthropologists have devoted a large part of their studies to defining and reconstructing the concept of the feathered serpent, modeling a foundation that harmonizes with the transcendent thought of ancient Mexico. I personally believe that the answers to the cultural condemnations that Mexicans currently suffer are found in the understanding of Toltec wisdom; in the roots of the people.

    For the Toltec, all the animals in existence have a relationship with man through their personality. The jaguar is related to power, the condor to longevity, the wolf to stalking, the turtle to wisdom, and the list goes on. This link can become so well understood that when we begin to personify ourselves with animals, these virtues can be better experienced and will permeate our being as part of our connection with nature.

    The serpent represents the physical conditions of the human being that keep him attached to matter and all its forms and his wisdom to master these conditions. The condition of crawling to move alludes to the limiting circumstances of staying "glued" to the ground. This is how we are all born, and our social conditions keep us in this state. This symbolism bears some resemblance to the Judeo-Christian interpretation, which associates the serpent with conditioned earthly attributes, including sin. Likewise, the eagle is, for most pre-Columbian American societies, the maximum symbol of freedom and power. It is the wings of the eagle and its sense of fullness that have inspired the human being to maintain a bond of spiritual strength with this animal.

    You will be able to anticipate what the union of the serpent and the eagle means in a profound metaphorical symbol such as the feathered serpent. The image of Quetzalcoatl (quetzal: 'feather' and cōātl: 'snake' in Nahuatl) manifests the human being's abilities to transcend their human conditions, soaring like a bird through the skies, without losing their natural qualities in the process. It is a representation of the powerful evolution of being, which evokes the sublime fusion of material needs with spiritual aspirations. In this beautiful metaphor, the cosmic or divine transcendence of a person is not limited by the mundane circumstances that he lives, but by what his sincere intention and determined will confer on him. Upon reaching this state of consciousness, you will realize that you and existence are already perfect, but you are on a path of constant improvement. This is the process of masehualistli, which means "deserving". He who seeks to be worthy of his own divinity is known as macehual. I therefore invite you to look for and read the legend of the creation of the fourth sun, in which the warrior Nanahuatzin demonstrates his courage, flourishing in his aspiration to transcend, despite having a past that condemned him as a sinner.

    We are perfect and perfectable beings. Knowing and believing that sets us free.

    It is not surprising when a relationship is found between the movement of a snake that seeks to ascend to the heavens, with the symbol of the kundalini (from Hinduism), which alludes to the erection of the spine (in the form of a snake) through alignment of 7 energetic points known as chakras (called “kuekueyos” from the perspective of Anahuac). It should be noted that the quetzal (endemic bird of Central America) has a strong relationship with Quetzalcoatl, because its peculiar anatomy resembles a snake in flight. Every time a quetzal was seen flying, it meant that a human being had "risen to heaven", in the spiritual sense of the word. Today this animal, along with others considered sacred in America, is in danger of extinction.

    On the other hand, the smoking mirror is also a divinity that metaphorically represents an elementary condition in the life of every human being. teskatlipoka is the name by which this character was known. The sages say that the symbol behind the teskatlipoca lies in the smoking mirror. The allegory of the mirror can be found in various cultures of the world, from Egypt to Tibet. Perhaps you have already heard or read the phrase “We are mirrors of ourselves”, or expressions such as “you are reflecting on such a person”. Well, it is necessary to understand this idea to stimulate a deep awakening of consciousness. In my book "The Two Realities" I explain in detail the meaning of the analogy, classifying the teaching into four levels of mirror consciousness.

    To understand the magic of mirrors we must connect with our philosophical sense, allowing us to see in the mirrors the necessary analogies to learn through them.

    To make the analogy of the mirror as clear and simple as possible, I will comment on some examples that will help you recognize the power of looking at our reflection in others. If I see ugliness in a person, I subconsciously consider myself ugly. If an attitude in a person bothers me, it is because it is an attitude that I myself do. If I am intolerant of someone's arrogance, it is because there is arrogance in me. If I judge others for their beliefs or appearances, it's because I spend judging myself. The role that smoke plays in the metaphor is crucial to its full understanding. Smoke is everything that prevents us from seeing the mirror, ranging from incorrect interpretations of reality, to events and activities that have an impact on a global scale. The smoke is the Hindu veil known as Maya, which limits us from seeing reality as it is and keeps us submerged in an incessant search with no apparent direction. The smoking mirror is the illusion that prevents the human being from seeing beyond his subconscious film. In short, you don't see the world as it is; you only interpret the world. His interpretation is the smoke, and the world the mirror.

    When you blow the smoke with intention, you dispel the cloud of your fears, limitations, and even illnesses that are rooted in emotion.

    I have always related the manifestation of discomfort in the pit of my stomach with an internal battle against "the worst of myself". This feeling always appears when I judge, envy, jealous, hate, or despise someone. It feels like an internal fire that does not allow us to be at peace. In Mexico we say that "they touch our ego", and in the worst case, that they hit it. If only I were aware that this discomfort is caused by the illusion of the mirror, I would live constantly thanking and wishing the best for others. You will understand that if you hurt your neighbor, you really hurt yourself. Thus, you obtain the power to decide the image that you, as a mirror, project to your peers. You will understand that not only your peers are a mirror, but also animals, plants, the earth, the elements and the Universe itself.

    Let me give you a practice that will give you more power and clarity in your life. Write a new agreement today in which you accept that your neighbor functions as a mirror of yourself. I could write dozens of pages on the different disciplines, such as neuroscience or physics itself, that support the claim, both literally and figuratively. But I am convinced that accepting this agreement today and working on it consciously will lead you to awaken a particular area of your life experience that you have always wanted to activate. Let me anticipate that along the path of the mirror, you will see yourself facing identity crises that are natural. But whenever you want to fly like a feathered serpent and your intention is evolutionary, based on love, you will find the sensation of knowing who you are beneath all the masks that time and sleep have constructed fascinating. You will feel more real and authentic than you already thought you were, and you will gain the energy and wisdom to design your identity. You will find strength to give your best.


    The way of the warrior and warrior


    The philosophy of war and its perception of it has given identity to each culture around the world. The meaning of war itself is a reflection of ourselves, and our interpretation of it tells us how we live our lives. If you find yourself in a world where you are constantly bombarded with violent images of war, chances are you have failed to understand the true meaning of war. You probably think that war is caused by hatred, pride, greed, and other destructive attributes. The international media have taken it upon themselves to leave the war-fear relationship well planted in you. This is an imprint that is not necessarily true, but one that has been fed over the years to facilitate the control of societies in general. It is not my intention to write a critique on the subject, but rather to propose a new concept of war to improve your life.

    Our grandparents discovered the true "enemy" of the human being tens of thousands of years ago. You are your worst “enemy”. I think there are no words to explain why, on the path of personal growth, you are your most dangerous enemy. The consciousness of the mirror guides us to distinguish our enmity with that internal voice that passes judging everything that happens out there. We all have that inner voice that constantly judges the way others behave and their own. The real war of those who seek evolution and constant improvement in their existence is against that internal judge. A warrior or warrior is anyone who decides to venture into the internal world of emotions, memories, dreams and fears. Only with an attitude of war can one overcome fear, or at least learn to confront it, and then transform it into an ally. This process of self-knowledge with the intention of transcendence was called The Florida War.

    I will share with you some of the empowering qualities that the warrior attitude offers in your life and that will allow you to experience it more fully. In war it is impossible to survive if you are not attentive. The ability to stay in the "here" and "now" is an act of warfare in itself. In war, one should never visualize losing a battle; since you will be preparing for defeat and not for victory. You can apply this way of thinking in your ordinary life, with those trivial or elementary challenges that define your personal history. A warrior never gives in, he is precise and gives the best of himself, until the last breath of life. The warrior is strong, patient and always sure of himself. I guarantee that living in the attitude of a warrior has been the most important decision I have made in my life, because that is how suffering and tragedy gradually faded from my interpretation of reality.

    I hope you understand that the main objective of a warrior or woman is not to exterminate his enemy, but to stay standing until the end of the war. The Toltec warrior is wise; always anticipated and without reaching obsession. He always seeks the good for himself and for his people. There is no wiser move for the warrior than to win the battle without having fought it.. The warrior is always looking for new ways to renew his energy and discerns the precise moments and places to use it. Think like a warrior in the face of complications and difficult situations that arise in your life. Just agreeing to carry a warrior attitude for yourself and for life is to begin to forge habits that will transform you for the better.

    Our grandparents thought that the underworld was within us. Going down to that place required courage; an iron warrior attitude. Only then could we fight against our worst "demons" and transcend to heaven. This sky is the metaphor that alludes to the higher state of consciousness, where the difference between good and evil vanishes; duality disappears and we become feathered serpents. The Toltec warrior is not satisfied with starting the path from the inside. You have to order your tonal in a parallel way to empower yourself along the way. Thus, through meditation, dance, music, astronomy, cooking, and other disciplines, they were in constant improvement. Are you a victim of the causalities of your life, or do you face each situation with the wise attitude of the warrior?

    The constant and seemingly endless internal struggle can lead us to discover our best and brightest qualities. The warrior is not exempt from feeling fear; however, he learns to transform him into an ally, facing him and knowing how to manage his emotions in the confrontation process. He understands that fear is a natural protective reaction; a preventative boost that keeps you awake and alert. Still, he remembers that his greatest victories come from those battles in which his most strategic move is the "don't". The warrior defies fear in two ways: by not doing, and by doing. By "not doing", he contemplates fear as a fundamental emotion from which others emerge, such as hatred, anger, shame, sadness or loneliness. When he "doesn't do it", he patiently manages to fade the internal voice that limits him, and thus, sooner or later, it is replaced by the pleasant sound of internal silence, that is, of the fundamental reality that surrounds him. The air you breathe, the song of the birds or the running of the water become the melody that replaces the internal voice that causes fear. Then proceed to do. When you "do", you act knowing that the inner voices, despite continuing to exist, will cease once action is taken. The warrior silences the inner voice by acting, since thought tends to limit his creative power. The warrior learns to listen to his heart, to say what he knows and feels, and to think with the intention of creating.

    The warrior also loves his temple, because he understands that this is the temporary vehicle with which he experiences reality. A warrior respects each organ that composes him, managing his energy consciously and putting the calls of his intuition into constant action. He uses his hands to build, his feet to venture, his mouth to direct and motivate, his ears to listen, his eyes to see, and his smile to inspire. He knows that his body is a foundation medium, and that he must both take care of it and use it. The warrior values sobriety, since he has learned that life can be enjoyed to the full by renouncing excesses. He puts his gifts and abilities at the service of life, because he knows that it is the evolutionary meaning of existence itself.

    Only by living like a warrior can one cope with suffering. Only in this way can the true evolutionary meaning of creation be understood. The different physical disciplines of warrior origin form the individual and mold him perfect for the act of generating. The warrior seeks the correct investment of his energy, since his vitality is essential to stay on his feet until the end of the war. The internal war is the drama that the human being invents to give meaning to his life, and he knows that if he sticks to it, he perishes. Thus, the Toltec learns to live his wars with a smile on his face, without giving up the constant process of growth and improvement away from all obsession; measured and accurate. If you learn to forge yourself from the flowery internal war, the worst scenarios of your life will have an exciting turn of victory, and you will understand that the warrior attitude is not destructive or exhausting, but rather an immense enjoyment from which your vital energy finds a constant and endless flow. . Know that the warrior's decree is driven by the perfect and inextinguishable energy of the Universe, and that his empowered word is capable of materializing any idea or dream that he manifests with intention. Its limits are not the sky, nor the Sun, nor the Milky Way nor the endless galaxies scattered throughout the cosmos. His limits come from the inner wisdom that lies deep in his heart, which always finds the reason and the way to achieve fulfillment. His limits go beyond his own body and existence itself. The warrior has no limits, because everything that appears to be an obstacle or impediment to achieve what he most desires, is always an exciting incentive to start a new and improved adventure to experience.

    Be a warrior and you will chart the true path to knowledge. Live like a warrior and you will see that little by little "your demons" flee in terror from the great light that springs from your tonal.


    The decree


    Thought is a seed; the word is the root of the tree; the action is the trunk and its branches; the results, the fruit.

    I have read about the power of words as a curious explorer since my early teens. Therefore, I would like to share with you my learning on the subject, since I know what it means to regain power through the verb. Decreeing is the act of saying and firmly believing what is said. You decree because you believe what you say, whether or not it is true from someone else's perception. Decree and belief share an intimate relationship. However, there is something more powerful than belief as we know it today, and that is conviction. Being convinced of something goes beyond believing it. The word in communion with conviction gives it the power of manifestation. The final purpose of the decree is to manifest, consciously or unconsciously. However, there are certain things in our reality that prevent us from manifesting so immediately. It is impossible for your rational being to be convinced that you can manifest a latest model car just by saying it, and this is because this possibility is not registered in your belief system. However, if you constantly decree that a late-model car will arrive in your life, you set various forces of nature in motion for its prompt manifestation.

    Any agreement is exponentially reinforced when it is decreed. Try an exercise with a high psychological impact. Look in any mirror you have in your house. Say out loud to the mirror "I'm ugly" an indefinite number of times. I am sure that in less than 10 minutes you will begin to feel a slight general discomfort. At that point stop. That discomfort is a stimulus that what you are saying is beginning to be believed, and it is not what you want. If you keep repeating it, you will come to believe it and that will affect your self-esteem. So, repeat as many times as necessary in front of the mirror “You are beautiful (or beautiful)”, or “You are wonderful (or wonderful)”. In much less time, you will feel that a "spark" ignites inside of you that makes you recover your posture and the need to smile. Don't wait to feel it to speak it, but speak it to feel it. If you repeat it enough, you will begin to experience a state of ecstasy that you can taste soberly. You can add any qualifier you want and consider constructive to improve your life. Please try it; it's just revealing. This exercise shows you the power of the decree in your life coming from within. And since you are aware today that your fellow man is a mirror, you understand the power that your words have over those around you and over yourself.

    Do you have constructive or destructive language? If you don't think about this very often, today is the time to reflect on it and make it a habit. Your language not only defines who you are, but also influences your entire reality. Do you use words that allude to destruction, disease, suffering, competition? In many families they grow up with a vocabulary of deficiencies, where "there is not", "it is not enough" and "it is not possible". In companies there is talk of "destroying the competition" or "being a ferocious wolf" to achieve success, especially in sales. The same Latin American Spanish refers in its language to the feminine and maternal figure with different pejorative expressions. Think how many meanings and curses have been created around the mother in Mexican culture. But being a father, in the same culture, is related to being correct or being spectacular. If you want to change your life for the better, restructure your language and apply a constructive vocabulary at all times. Be aware of what you are saying and choose constructive qualifiers.

    I would love to leave you with a reflection on the power of the decree and the mirror in action. He may have been lucky that during his childhood, at some point someone taught him that if they said hurtful things to him at school, we would respond with a "Mirror, mirror." Those of us who were fortunate enough to make use of said decree, believe me that we were empowered by a verbal threat from society. This phrase worked as a highly effective emotional shield. As we grew up, we found it ridiculous to keep using it, and because we stopped believing in it, it stopped working. When someone says hurtful things to you today, knowing that you are a mirror can give you greater freedom. It would be very difficult for him to take things personally. You don't have to say it, just know and believe it. If they tell you that you are not attractive, know that this is how the other person perceives themselves and their situation. You know that you are attractive or attractive and you are constantly perfecting yourself. Because of the latter, you cannot discard the words of your neighbor in their entirety, because despite being a mirror, and because you are in constant improvement, you can filter the words and use only those that allow you to build yourself.

    The wise man is a mirror, and as such, he makes the one who sees him wise.

    Just take a minute to understand the previously written expression, rescued by our ancient grandparents. You are wise when you respond with constructive language to destructive one. You are wise when you use your words for good, carefully choosing each sentence you use to express ideas and emotions more assertively. You are wise when you live in inner silence, even when all around you is chaos and noise. His inner wisdom lies in the choice of his words. Know how to choose carefully what you say and how you say it. The problem most people have is that they become aware of their words after they have already left their mouths; especially when they are hurtful.

    He silence It is the key to access the full understanding of the power of the word. It is through silence that our brain re-evaluates the importance and impact of everything we say. It is true that in silence are the answers to everything. So I invite you to do the following activity when it suits you best.

    For a full week, seek complete silence. This simply means NOT SPEAK. Avoid saying anything and stick to the idea of expressing yourself without words. This exercise is likely to be difficult to carry out, especially if you lead a life where communication is essential. That is the true magnificence of the activity, because in itself, it is a radical act for any living being. Be disciplined and conscientious at all times. Every time you drop a word, return to your central goal. I recommend that you do this at a time when work is slow so that it does not negatively affect your overall performance. I myself carried out this task at a time of great work activity. I will speak to you from my experience so that you understand the importance that silence represents.

    At first it seemed like a challenge that I could learn to enjoy. I tried it a few times when I was a child, taking it as a game between partners that lasted a few seconds. That was how I consciously began to shut up. Of course, for my social circle at that time, this was unusual and even a reason for ridicule. However, I directed my focus on not saying a word. I began to understand the importance of communication in a general way. Conveying information became difficult, and he had to find different ways to do it. Honestly, the silence led me to isolate myself a bit at home, since in the city it was almost impossible to stay silent due to the different external stimuli. Then I realized that most of the words that came out of my mouth were caused by subconscious stimuli over which I had no control. I spoke only to be part of my environment. I did not speak from my Being, but did so by reactions caused by the outside world.

    I began to value the most important quality that we lose while speaking: hear. When I interacted with society, silence made me lose my identity at times. The traffic of words entering my brain register was much greater than leaving. That is why I began to get even more involved in the problems of others. This is how I began to be sensitive to others. I assure you that silence led me to enhance my ability to see. It was as if the lens through which I had always looked at reality was dirty, and the silence helped me clean it little by little. Of course the silence led me to swim in the turbulent stream of my thoughts. Obviously, because I couldn't say a word, dialogues and debates were going on in my head about everything that was happening around me. But when I directed my attention to what I saw, little by little it became easier for me to silence those thoughts. Thanks to the silence, beauty is found in the flower and the song of the birds is tasted in the morning. I found peace within myself to contemplate it outside. I could see the effect of the negative words, and I realized how destructive I could be with myself and others with just my vocabulary. This is how I decided to distance myself from all the people who kept destructive language as a habit in their lives.

    Once I managed to stick to the first week, I set out to stick with it for a month. The difference is that this time I allowed myself to speak only what was necessary. I was just impressed with the way he filtered the sentences that came out of my mouth. Speaking only what was necessary forced me to choose my words well in order to be punctual and efficient in my expression. I thought then that it was an excellent time to practice assertive language. As my brain was more attentive to what I had to say, I made sure that it was productive words with a positive impact that emanated from my mouth. Thus began the intuitive application of a conscious and constructive language. On this path, I sought the impeccability of my words; a Toltec agreement rescued by our old grandparents and that has been reported by various authors with an affinity for Toltequity.

    The answer to achieve the impeccability of his words is found in silence. This makes him aware of the power that the verb has in his life and that of others.

    The teaching that silence has left in my life was reflected in the way I express myself in my reality. This transformed my perception of it, leading me to materialize a large part of my decrees. You can also exercise power with your words and get powerful results, but I assure you that if it causes you stress, frustration, anger, or any other destructive emotion, said power is your enemy. The true power that the word grants is freedom. If you speak and do not feel weight, mental or physical, then your word is constructive and liberating. Seek freedom in the word, not conditioning. What good is it to decree and transform your dreams into reality, if in the end there will be something inside you that makes you feel empty? May your words be a means by which your peers also find wisdom, comfort, motivation and well-being.

    Next, I present 7 decrees of nagual origin. This means that they came to me through circumstances beyond rational comprehension. These decrees are the reconstruction of various literary, philosophical and cultural fragments, orchestrated by a consciousness superior to one's own, and which have been preserved in the nagual for hundreds of millions of years. It is the firstborn intention of creation, expounded rationally to conceive of our creative power as evolving human beings. I share them with you because I wish you the best. I am sure that if you repeat them out loud every day of your life, you will begin to live a profound transformation that will lead you to experience reality in all its splendor.. It is important to clarify that I have practiced them myself and that from the first day my life has improved considerably. I highly recommend that you write them down in a place where you can see them daily. Remember that the power of the decree is found in believing what one says. Your tone of voice plays an important role in making your psyche create what your voice reproduces. Repeating them every day in a disciplined way will lead you to make them a great habit.


    Believe what it says and the Universe will take care of creating it.


    First Decree

    "I am the perfect manifestation of God in body, mind and spirit."


    This is the most powerful decree of all. I would venture to say that this is the only one that you really need to repeat every day. It is so powerful that regardless of the language in which it is pronounced, if it is said with the right intention, the Universe and we will become one. But the power of this decree lies entirely in our interpretation of God, whether we believe in it or not.

    Who is God?

    God is simply the name given to any force or energy that we are not fully aware of, but of which we are a part. For me, God is the light acting on the nagual, while I am the tonal (my own tonal). Remember that the tonal is a small fraction of the totality of existence that we can perceive, always immense and seemingly unattainable. For you, God may only be light, or perhaps love. You probably think that God is consciousness, personal or collective. You may be skeptical and outright deny its existence. Or, you have simply decided to call it “Universe”. What I can assure you is that your God or Universe is a very deep metaphorical interpretation of what we ourselves are. If your personal interpretation of God is limited, violent, or kind, in the depths of your being, that is how you perceive yourself. By this I do not mean that you, and only you, are God, but that we are all like a representation of God to scale.

    Next I am going to invite you to define God. I have a personal list that I have created over time, and that today I decide to share with you. I am going to recommend a practical exercise that you can do right now. Read the list twice. Be sure to read it aloud the second time. When finished, locate the adjectives that resonated best with your philosophy and personal values. This is a list of harmonious qualities that I associate with God, which help me constantly improve myself. They are the virtues that inspire growth and evolution in me. Please feel free to add more qualities in the white spaces below the list. Remember that we are designing your interpretation of God to find your true self.

    • GOD IS LOVE.
    • GOD IS LIFE.
    • GOD IS JOY.
    • GOD IS CALM.
    • GOD IS TRUE.
    • GOD IS AIR.
    • GOD IS FIRE.
    • GOD IS FULL.
    • GOD IS ART.
    • GOD IS FLOW.

    The manifestation

    Just say out loud, "I I am the perfect manifestation of God, in body, mind and spirit”. The power of this decree is that it attributes the best qualities of what you believe to be the force called "God" to your own being. When you say this decree, we reaffirm the conviction that at the present moment we are the best of ourselves that is possible.

    If we think about it, when we agree that we are "the perfect manifestation of God", with all the virtues and attributes that we give him, we begin to live according to his highest moral and humanistic standards. Then undertake a true spiritual life. For this reason, the decree clearly states that we are the perfect manifestation; because there is no more to move. The idea of constant improvement inspires us to lead a life in which we experiment in an evolutionary way. In this case, the word "perfect" also speaks of what can be "perfected". In fact, a warrior is aware that he is already perfect, which gives peace and tranquility to his heart, but he fights in the "(flowery) war" of constant perfection, like a dance or game worthy of his human experience.

    The reason why the decree specifies that we are "the perfect manifestation of God" in body, mind and spirit, is to remind us of our 3 fundamental planes of understanding of reality and align them to the decree itself. The first, your body, is the vehicle that carries your consciousness. It is a temple that, if you love and value it enough, dignify it daily by respecting it, taking care of it and working on it. The second, your mind, is made up of various organs that work together; such as the brain, heart and intestine. Both work in collaboration to offer you perception, interpretation, emotion and decision in life. However, the mind is often contaminated by disruptive interpretations that it has experienced throughout its personal history. For this reason, we refer to the mind as the mechanism that allows you to understand your environment and yourself, beyond your primitive needs. And the third plane, the spirit, is simply the perceptive energy that you have of yourself and that others have of you, and that transcends material limitations. A person's spirit can prevail for years through the teachings and bonds they created while they were alive. If you don't believe in having a spirit, let me offer you the alternative of calling it "essence." Its essence transcends the personality and the physical form of the body. At its core is the history of the stars at the atomic level, as well as the inheritance of their ancestors at the genetic level. For this is his spirit. His spirit is a radiant tonal, capable of traveling through the nagual without the need for a human body.

    Don't you think that saying “I am the perfect manifestation of God, in body, mind and spirit” would be enough to gradually improve your life starting today? This decree is the key to expanding once and for all the tiny perception of the reality in which you live. You will be taking giant steps in exploring your own tonal and the nagual itself. It goes without saying that this is the most powerful agreement you can create in your life. When you agree to be an incarnation of God, however you think you are, you are giving yourself the opportunity to begin a deep relationship with yourself and with the cosmos.

    I would like to remind you that in order to adapt the habit of repeating this decree, it is necessary to define what or how God is for you. You'll find that this process can radically transform you, because at the same time you're designing the best version of yourself. As you write your list, you will notice a new sensation rising from the bottom of your heart that will make you feel more awake. Writing and saying your list out loud is one of the most revealing exercises we can do, both individually and as a whole. I recommend that you consider renewing the list on a recurring basis, as well as simplifying it with the items that you consider most important.

    Remember that you should not repeat the list every day. The list only has to be repeated aloud when you think you should change it. Finally, his personal list of who and what God is is summed up in a single decree: "I am the perfect manifestation of God in body, mind and spirit." When you say this out loud, and with the conviction that it is so, you are decreeing everything that you yourself have already written on your list. In the beginning, don't just write down the qualities that you like best. Precisely to know God, one must first look within. Be like a child during this expedition. Explore with your imagination the different personalities that God has for you. Thinking like this will help make your judgment of yourself much less oppressive.

    From now on, the remaining 6 decrees are phrases that seek to solidly complement your approach to what you really want to achieve in life. They arise from the physical and psychological needs that the human being has, and that require a specifically directed understanding. Let the first decree be the gateway to the free and exemplary world that you believe you deserve.


    Second Decree

    "I am pure love and wisdom"


    Why is the word "I" included in these decrees?

    It is possible for me to notice that people with more spiritual process associate the word "I" with the ego, showing resistance to decree with this word. My answer is always the same: the problem is not the word itself, but the interpretation we give. For me, the word I has a very deep meaning and context with an enigmatic and amazing origin. The two letters that produce the phonetics of the word are "I" and "O". Each letter evokes the masculine and the feminine respectively, in a multicultural interpretation that blends with the passage of time. There is so much related to these letters, such as their use in the languages of the world to define the masculine and feminine of nouns. Its pictograms also remind us of the circle and the line, two elementary aspects in geometry and mathematics that symbolize feminine (circle) and masculine (line). These pictograms also reflect the concept of 0 and 1; Numbers that, when used in an integral and coherent way, are capable of creating a complete language, as computer programming does. "I" or "Io" is a concept of balanced integration of masculine and feminine to refer to a single being that manifests these aspects internally.

    In addition to understanding the deeper meaning and context of the word "I" in a decree, it is important to remember that the energy and intent behind this word also play a crucial role in its effectiveness. When using the word "I" in a decree, it is essential that the intention behind it be positive, empowering, and connected to the true essence of being. In this way, the use of the word "I" in a decree can be a powerful tool for the manifestation of our desires and goals in life. You can choose to decree without the word "I" with similar results, as long as it does not impede the fluency of your pronunciation of the decree. The most important thing about the practice of the decree is that you try to feel completely comfortable when doing it.

    the wisdom of love

    But it is also that the word "I", by evoking the masculine and feminine integrated and in harmonious union, suggests that said integration happens through love. Love, beyond a value, is a natural element that is part of the microcosm and macrocosm. It is a universal language with which it is possible to communicate between living beings, regardless of the kingdom to which we belong. Our grandparents believe that love is even in the atomic world, and that it has a considerable impact on the astronomical distribution of light and matter. They think that the great explosion of creation (Big Bang) happened out of love, and that its remnants (creation) are the product of it. Love, more than a result of chemical interactions, can be considered as an invisible energy that unleashes the tangible processes that we try to rationalize.

    All the evils of our world are rooted in the misunderstandings that we personally have about love. This includes physical illness, war, and emotional chaos. Love itself is the cure for such ills. If we have experienced love, we know better than anyone that this is true, not because our rational thoughts indicate the synaptic path that a kiss or an "I love you" creates in our brain, but because our entire mental-emotional system agrees. with that. We simply know and feel that love is the most efficient energy to cure any illness, on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Love facilitates the experience of life, resembling the natural flow of water through the river. Various studies throughout the planet attest that any medical treatment is potentiated when the patient lives an experience of love with any being that surrounds him, be it our family, friends or close patients.

    Can you remember the way your first kiss empowered you with love? How about that day you learned to ride a bike with your father? Or when she held her first child in her arms? Love works like a highly efficient fuel that moves our will to any place imaginable. When we do something out of love, nothing can stop us; sometimes not even ourselves. Every act we have done with love has led us to obtain the deepest learning in life, whether or not they have ended as we would like. Our ability to love is not based on a past experience with our family or some relevant character; we did not learn to love as such. We are all born knowing how to love. Our ability to love is based entirely on an agreement that we hold today. If we do not agree that we are capable of loving, we will not be able to do it. But if we create an agreement in which we love, regardless of receiving love, then we are capable of doing so. It seems like such a simple and simple formula, and it is. However, if you still feel an discomfort in the pit of your stomach reading this, it means that we are not experiencing love in its entirety.

    Loving doesn't hurt, the selfish and possessive interpretations we have around love hurt. The wisdom that we have inherited through our lineage is that which allows us to consciously direct the power of love. When someone loves us, we receive energy, and as such we cannot allow it to be wasted in any way. We understand love as an exchange of energy, even more powerful than money, since the source from which love comes is unlimited. We remember that our neighbor is a mirror of ourselves, just as we are a reflection of others. If we sincerely love our fellow men, then we have learned to love ourselves. There is no particular order to love. That is to say, it does not matter if we love ourselves first or our fellow man, because love is simultaneous. If we love, we feel that love for ourselves and for others during the same moment. Rather, it is about understanding if we can perceive and interact with love without prejudice.

    So, we can consider ourselves wise when we have learned to make correct use of the energy of love to create, build, heal and inspire. Wisdom is the means by which we can name, define and project love in millions of ways. It is not about knowing for the sake of knowing; it is about knowing to do. We can have the strength to love unconditionally, but without wisdom, we can end up disappointed and hurt, just as we can waste this power by directing it in places where it will not be used. We can have extensive knowledge about what love is; how it begins and the thousand ways to interact with it, but if we do not practice love, such wisdom is useless.

    By adding to the decree the term "cigars”, we maintain that both elements (love and wisdom) are united through purity. When love and wisdom are pure, there is neither good nor evil. This illusion begins to fade, leaving our intention always right and at peace. Whenever you say "I am pure love and wisdom" you are decreeing that in you you are the primary source of these values, and that through sincerity and clarity you make correct use of them.

    If it seems to you that loving is a complicated task, or it is difficult for you to carry it out, let me tell you that your perception of love may be based on erroneous interpretations, which you probably did not even consciously decide. This means that your perception of love can be based on an event that caused you suffering by disassociating the true meaning of love. As an example we can give the hundreds of thousands of sexual abuses that people suffer at an early age. These people fail to associate sexual activity with love because they have lived experiences that caused suffering and confusion. Another example is that of the person who was so loved during his childhood that today he is not willing to give love to receive it. He got so used to receiving for the sake of receiving that he did not have the need to give his own energy as a form of gratitude. This leads him to raise his standards of satisfaction with his partner to levels that are sometimes impossible to achieve, complicating his relationships and taking away the feeling of fullness and loving fulfillment of himself.

    You could start a process of exploration and recapitulation to heal the emotional wounds that have limited your interpretation of love. Return to the moments when you created the dissociation and consciously reprogram them by deciding to love. But the good news is that you can save yourself that process if you decide to love unconditionally starting today. It may seem very easy the way I write it, but I assure you that everything is in a decision, and that decision is right within reach of now.

    I have a practical exercise that I want to share with you that will allow you to open your heart to the beneficial energies that love has for you. This exercise will allow you to gradually sensitize your ability to love and be loved once you have made the decision to do so. You may want to add the process to your recurring meditations, or make it a new habit. Start by taking a position that is comfortable for your body. The pose requires your spine to be upright or resting. Avoid lying on your stomach. When you are ready, begin to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose, filling your abdominal area with air, followed by your ribcage. Be sure to exhale through your mouth gently, in one long, silent breath. Hold this breath consciously for at least 5 cycles. Once you are relaxed with your attention on your breath, begin to apply pressure to the airflow as you exhale so that your vocal cords begin to vibrate with the minimum force required. At first, the sound may be a vowel without distinction, and it will be so soft and delicate that it can hardly stand as a sound. The idea is that the natural flow of air causes your throat to make a vowel just by exhaling. When you can vibrate your vocal cords with minimal effort, proceed to locate the note or frequency you are emitting. Continue vocalizing the sound until it is shaped exactly like an “A” or an “O”. In the process, you can slightly increase the intensity (strength) of the note, but seek to sustain it without changing either the acquired vowel or pitch. When you feel that these vowels "emanate alone" after each exhalation, proceed to include the word "LOVE". You will then find yourself saying "LOVE" at a slow, smooth pace, and with the minimum effort that your throat and lungs require to emit the word. The syllables that make up the word can only be repeated when exhaling, because while we are inhaling air, we will be in absolute silence. Repeat it as many times as necessary. You can accompany the exercise with music, so that when you vocalize with your exhalation you can stick to a particular musical note that you prefer. Personally, I recommend doing the activity in absolute silence, since the note that you manage to produce with this breath is your natural note. Be sure to smile when you decide to finish. This exercise will make you experience almost instant calm and well-being. If there is any discomfort while doing the practice, do not give up and continue mantralizing the word and concentrating on your breathing. What it is doing is creating new neural synapses that associate the word LOVE with positive states of consciousness.

    The more you repeat the decree "I I am pure love and wisdom”, he will realize that the answers to most of the questions he may have about life and existence are kept inside him. Little by little, their answers will be more practical, and they will be able to link metaphors to explain everyday situations. you are wise when does what he says he does, not when he just says it. You are wise when you make this same power available to your fellow man. You are wise when you enlighten and give wisdom, not when you confuse and confuse things more. Being pure love and wisdom is, metaphorically speaking, like eating from the tree of life and knowledge, without guilt or punishment.


    Third Decree

    "I am the infinite energy that is renewed from the universal source"


    This decree is revitalizing every time I say it out loud. This decree is revitalizing every time I say it out loud. The words that compose it are meticulously chosen to activate in your psyche a sensation of well-being in the 3 planes of existence. Just repeat it 10 times while taking a deep breath and you can feel its effects immediately. So I invite you to do it right now. Please stand up and focus on your heartbeat. Place your feet at shoulder-width apart and release tension from your knees. Put your hands at your sides and raise your arms out to the sides, trying to touch the sky throughout the inhalation. As soon as your hands reach the highest point, begin to exhale as you slowly lower your hands. Make sure that your palms (or at least your fingertips) are touching, first above your head and keeping them in contact until the height of your belly. Decree “I am the infinite energy that is renewed from the universal source” as you exhale and your hands descend. As you repeat the process, you will notice how each time you can raise the intensity of your voice without any problem. As you do this, be aware that the air you are breathing is actually going into your lungs, where your heart will take care of carrying oxygen in your blood to every nerve ending in your body. Enjoy this oxygen; stick to your entire run and associate it with immense pleasure. Imagine even that said air is light, illuminating from your respiratory system to your nervous system. At the end of the tenth breath accompanied by its respective decree, direct your full attention to the internal sensations that you experience in your body. This type of joint breathing with conscious physical movement I call "Toroidal Breathing" or "Toroid".

    energy and its flow

    If you performed the exercise correctly, you will find yourself in a different state of attention than you started with. You will feel stronger, awake and happy. He most likely showed a smile at the end of the practice. This acquired energy is known in the Eastern world as the Prana. Prana is a vital force, a subtle energy found in everything that exists in the universe. This energy is imperceptible to our senses, but it is the basis of life and the engine of everything that surrounds us. In the Eastern world, it is known as Prana, but it is also called Chi in traditional Chinese medicine, Ki in Japanese medicine. This energy is said to flow through our bodies, nourishing our organs and cells, and keeping us in physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. In fact, most yoga and meditation practices focus on the manipulation of Prana to achieve a state of balance and harmony. This energy can be part of your tonal; It is a very powerful energy and it is found everywhere. In itself, it is an imperceptible energy that is impregnated in all matter and space since the beginning of creation. This energy, preserved from the moment of the first big explosion, is the common denominator that "unites" all things. It is found in the air, on the earth, in the fire, in the water, on the planets, in the stars and in our body. It is in space-time itself, as well as photons that travel unimaginable distances from one side of the cosmos to the other.

    Our grandparents believed that this energy fed consciousness, and that it could be accessed just by putting our intention into it.

    Each time you use this decree, you are setting your intention to access that energy. To do this, you just have to agree that you are such a power. Once you repeat the decree, a usually dormant side of consciousness is awakened. Your mind begins to work on the interpretation of said "infinite energy", creating an internal bio-chemical reaction that ignites your attention. This is reinforced by the breathing and movements you made while decreeing. The result that this decree offers you is directly related to your physical and mental activation. You will gradually refine the intensity with which you say this decree, as well as the flow and natural sense that your arms will follow during the breath.

    There are various scenarios in which it is convenient to resort to this decree. It is ideal to use when you are about to start some high-performance physical activity, or if you feel that you have lost energy in the process. You will notice how by controlling your breathing, the decree restores the power necessary for your body to perform better. If you are the manager of a sports team, you can try this exercise during training sessions and games. You will get very good results with all team members. In the same way, this decree helps a lot in situations in which there are emotional collapses that deprive us of our well-being. You can go to him when you feel weak or exhausted. You can also use it before starting an academic, oral or written evaluation. Show that you are that energy that nourishes the cosmos and the planet and fully enjoy the results you will get.

    Toroid display

    There is a visualization exercise that will allow you to potentiate the decree considerably. To do this you will need to be aware of the flow of toroidal energy. A toroid is a figure resulting from a surface of circular revolution, identical to the shape of a donut. The toroid with which you will work resembles the representation of the electromagnetic field of the planet earth. This model can be found in the electromagnetic field of a simple magnet, as well as the figure obtained by splitting an orange in half vertically.

    As you do toroidal breathing, close your eyes and visualize that your heart is the center point of the toroidal. Follow the path of your hands making sure that you trace the circumference of the imaginary torus. It is precisely your hands that give flow to the toroid. Don't stop visualizing that the energy you take with your hands manifests as oxygen that runs through your entire body. Imagine that the energy manifests as luminous fibers, or as luminescent smoke that follows the path of your hands. After repeating this a few times, proceed to visualize the planet Earth superimposed on your body. Locate the center of the Earth at the level of your heart, and allow these luminous fibers that you are visualizing to form the electromagnetic field of the planet. If you are doing the visualization correctly, you will be able to have a wide perspective of the planet, since both are of the same scale. Contemplate its oceans, its clouds, the satellites around it, the green mountains and the passage of man. I guarantee that you will experience a very strong emotional bond with the planet. You will see how beautiful and fragile it is before the vast Universe, and at the same time, how powerful and revealing it is to house so many living beings. At that moment, you and the Earth are one. Take time to enjoy this new relationship and prepare to fade Earth's image.

    Proceed then to imagine our galaxy (Milky Way), with the center in your heart. In order to correctly represent it and align it to its toroidal nature, it is necessary that you visualize the stellar disk horizontally with respect to you. Continue breathing and moving your arms as you have done so far. See the stars as small luminescent specks of dust that revolve around you. Imagine that every time your hands move down your body, stars from the galaxy follow the flow of the toroid, entering through our heads and reaching our hearts. Enjoy the exercise and proceed to imagine around you hundreds of millions of galaxies linked by an imaginary network. The center of such a place emanates more light than in the rest of the space. Locate this luminescence in your heart and continue the breath and movement. Be the Universe.

    Evidently he had to first imagine all this in order to do it with his eyes closed. So I invite you to do the full exercise this very day. This is a practice dedicated to the stimulation of the reticular activation system that operates in our brain. It is highly recommended to watch some documentaries or simulations of the Universe, so that you can size the scales and interactions correctly (National Geographic's “Cosmos: A Space Odyssey” series is ideal for your initiation). I guarantee that it is one of the most powerful exercises you will ever do in your life. Be true to yourself and put all your attention on your breath, movement and visualization. It is recommended that you do it alone the first few times, this so that your internal experience is more fruitful and you can get used to the natural reactions of your body without prejudice. If possible, accompany the movement with music of your liking that inspires concentration, power and temperance. Doing this outdoors where nature abounds helps to streamline the results.

    Toroidal breathing is also known as a "magic pass" in the world of shamanism, of which there is a great variety, and whose purpose is to improve the general functioning of the being in its 3 existential planes (physical, mental and spiritual). The postures of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other disciplines are magical passes. Toroidal breathing is suggested in the third decree to relate to the context of the third decree, but you can do it while reciting the entire list of decrees. This "magical pass" is the one I personally perform while pronouncing my personal list of decrees. I use the term "magical pass" in honor of the title that the author C. Castaneda attributes in his extensive work.

    When you are that infinite and revitalizing energy, you are convincing your brain that the resources you use to live go beyond your material needs. It is such a powerful decree that it will help you stay renewed on all levels of your existence. Saying that they come from the heart of the Universe and the Earth is an artistic way (and as real as you want it to be) of manifesting that essence in your life. I cannot be totally clear with all the benefits this decree brings to your life until you start saying it and applying it. Make use of toroidal breathing to reinforce your visualization process, so that the new neural and synaptic connections that are made are linked to pleasure and well-being.


    fourth decree

    "I am the laws and forces of nature acting in my favor."


    Understanding the laws and forces of nature and using them for one's own benefit is an activity carried out from the beginning of consciousness. Sorcerers were considered to be people who managed to perfectly understand the laws that govern their Universe and who had these laws at their disposal, achieving unimaginable acts and far removed from a reality limited by ignorance. Today they are better known as scientists. The only difference is that the scientist does not necessarily take the time to immerse himself in an elemental natural law in the nature of the sorcerer: reverie.

    This particular chapter is dedicated to discovering those laws and forces that govern your life. The laws of the Universe are like the rules that we play throughout our experience through life. What so baffles the best cosmologists today is the relationship between the physical laws of the Universe and consciousness. After years of rigorous and methodical study on the subject, quantum physics uncovers one of the most controversial laws in its history, which opens the door for the mystical society to cling to arguments to confirm theories that do not align with the scientific method. I understand that all this stuff about cosmological probability and the big unknowns about dark energy can be overwhelming to you or anyone who is not well versed in the basics of physics. I will therefore limit myself to inviting you to work on your own tonal, understanding that the laws of the universe are what you can appreciate as natural patterns that time dictates in your environment. By this I mean that you establish a universal law when you drop a vase on the floor and see it explode into hundreds of pieces. You define that law as "severity" or "drop", or whatever you want to call it.

    It may be that we are not aware of all the laws in the Universe that govern us, but what I can guarantee is that if you stop from time to time to contemplate the world with attention and a lot of curiosity, you will begin to understand the simplicity of most of them. of laws that govern his tonal (or his world). You don't have to focus on the complexity of the patterns that appear in Wall Street results, or the complicated rhythm that a city has during rush hours. It is enough to contemplate the walking of an ant, or the fall of a leaf from the top of a tree, which apparently happen in a more natural way. The laws of the Universe are revealed to you when you are able to achieve inner silence and to contemplate reality as it is, since when you look at something, you look more at the context (your own interpretation) of the object than at the object itself.

    The power of this decree transcends the apparent arbitrariness of existence by making such laws available to us. If you believe that the Universe is acting in your favor, a very important change in your general thinking will begin. The reason is because anything apparently bad that you can happen has a reason for happening that benefits you. That is why this decree is very convenient to use when things happen in our life that appear to be harmful. When you decree for a long time that the forces of the cosmos are in your favor, you will understand that you are training your mind to overcome any problem because you have a more accurate perception of it. The Universe is wise, and if you really trust it, truly believe that everything that happens is for and for your benefit. You just have to create an agreement in which you put all your trust in that higher power, knowing deep in your heart that you cannot go wrong in any way, and that life happens to be arranged in your favor.

    When your partner decides to move away from you, thinking that it is the Universe acting in strategic ways to lead you on the best path is highly effective so as not to suffer. Locate your mistakes and work on them, without thinking about or going over the other person's mistakes. In the process, the Universe will begin to conspire for your growth and perfection. The same thing happens when a loved one dies. If in your interpretation of reality said death is a law and force that acts in your favor, you will find through inner wisdom deep meaning and you will be able to overcome sadness and suffering. With the necessary attention and intention, you may even find an ally operating from the nagual.

    The days happen more smoothly when I perform this decree. It seems that most traffic lights follow my step, as if working in my favor. It even happens that the weather conditions allow me to carry out my activities as I need them to happen. Don't think that just by decreeing that the Universe conspires in your favor, all the traffic lights will always be green for you, or that the lines at the supermarket will be shorter. Rather, you will agree that the natural flow of life happens at your convenience, and that the effort invested in making things happen the way you want them to happen is reduced. It is true that to achieve our dreams it is necessary to act and decide, with energy and a lot of determination. However, life is not swimming against the current all the time. On the contrary, life is the adaptation to the vaivén of the movement. If you trust that the Universe always conspires in your favor, no matter how bad things happen, your inner wisdom will emerge and guide you correctly in making decisions to follow that natural rhythm.

    The best thing about this decree is that, after all that these laws and forces represent in your life, you attribute these characteristics to your own being. It is not the same to decree "The laws and forces of nature are in my favor" than "I AM the laws...". Because when you have done the surrender exercise on the three planes of existence, accepting a superior force on which you depend and see how clarity gradually manifests in your life, you will understand that you are the manifested energy of said force on a conscious level. . The most powerful part of the decree is when you understand that you are part of these laws and forces. So you start to trust yourself and your own decisions.

    Next, I would like to share with you a series of laws that I have learned throughout my life. I do not detail any of them because they are wide and diverse, and because I do not intend to focus this text on universal laws. The Internet is replete with information regarding such laws, especially in video format. This varied list has allowed me to understand my reality so that many of the things that happen in it are better used. This very personal selection will allow you to start an exploration of your own, discovering more laws and forces that you can add to your list. I recommend that you practice them through your habits (the same ones that will be suggested throughout the book), since it is the only way in which you will obtain tangible results. It is also a good exercise to imagine the many different and varied ways in which each of these laws and forces can benefit you. Imagine endless situations in which these laws and forces act in your favor to later recognize them in practice.

    Natural laws and forces

    • Nature of Light (physics): Theory that explains, from quantum and atomic interaction, the emergence of photons, their movement through space, their behavior with matter and the composition of color in the visible frequency spectrum.
    • Law of Conservation of Energy: "Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed" has been one of the most significant phrases for understanding the different facets of energy. When we understand the different types of energies that come together in the cosmos, it is easier for us to correctly distinguish them.
    • Law of Relativity (physics): Theory developed by Albert Einstein that explains the nature of space-time and the interactions that objects have with each other through gravity.
    • Law of Uncertainty (Law of Pure Potentiality): This law speaks of a strong potential existing in general uncertainty. When something can be imagined, it can be created, and the fact that it still tangibly does not exist is because it already has the infinite potential to manifest itself. A gap seems to open between the interpretation of quantum physics and spirituality.
    • Dream Law (consciousness): We live in a dream. This refers to the fact that our way of living is far removed from attention and concentration. That is why we dream awake and asleep. Sleep is everything that distracts us from maintaining awareness in the present moment in a balanced way.
    • Law of Dreaming (consciousness): From the Anahuaca tradition, dreaming is becoming aware that one is dreaming. One begins by dreaming while awake, locating the moments when our attention is lost and we are wandering. Subsequently, the practice is carried out in dreams (that is, when we sleep in our bed), seeking to wake up consciously in them. One dreams, then, when it is possible to retain attention in wakefulness and in sleep.
    • Law of the Mirror (consciousness): Law that dictates that all the objects that surround us work like mirrors. That is to say, that our perception of things are symbolic reflections of our perception of ourselves.
    • Law of Interaction (physics): Being Newton's third law, it deals with the principle of action reaction. "To every action there corresponds an equal and opposite reaction." This very elementary law applies to almost any cosmological level.
    • Law of Karma (consciousness): From a spiritual perspective, the law of karma applies the Law of Interaction to the set of decisions we make. It summarizes that if we act well, we do well, and that energetically we receive what we give.
    • Law of Imprinting (neuroscience): The imprint is a specifically classified memory, built from a remarkable, intense and deep emotion, and that defines our way of interpreting reality. Human beings make decisions based on imprints, so knowing the imprints that govern our lives is crucial to mastering negative emotions and our consumption behaviors.
    • Law of Attraction (consciousness): This law dictates that we attract what we are and what we most desire. It is strongly related to the correct use of our reticular activation system.
    • Law of Reproduction (biology): The reproduction of living beings is fascinating, both at a microscopic and macroscopic level. Understanding the reasons for reproduction at any scale is essential to define the archetypal patterns of life and reality itself.
    • Law of Metamorphosis (consciousness): It dictates that if we manage to transfer our consciousness to other living beings (from the imagination) we are capable of not only empathizing with them, but also learning from their experiences and acquiring their best attributes and qualities.
    • Willpower (consciousness): The will is one of the greatest mysteries coming from consciousness, since it is the way in which the arbitrariness of the Universe is demolished. It is thanks to this force that we do everything we want.
    • The four elements: Fire, water, air and earth are tangible and understandable elements on a daily practical level. Understanding the combustion process, the anatomy of the vital liquid, the directions of the wind and the life formula provided by the earth, allows us to understand phenomena on larger scales and gives us the ability to design elementary solutions to everyday problems.
    • Fluid Law: It establishes the elementary qualities for the disposition of the movement with little effort. It is important to understand that this law permutes according to the different scales of perception. Water is an excellent start, since it is governed by laws almost identical to those of our habitual perception. However, understanding the cosmic energy flow in massive bodies requires perceptual adaptation.


    Fifth Decree

    "I am light, consciousness and will, which evolves and creates for the benefit of life."


    This decree affirms that we are 3 elements of existence to which we are intrinsically linked, and supports the main purpose of these elements. That I am? and what am I for?

    The light

    From the point of view of physics, our body is not necessarily made up of light. The composition of the atoms that form us reacts to light. Under this rational premise it is impossible to understand why we are light. The function of light is to allow us to witness existence. Think about it for a moment; if there were no light in the Universe, there really is nothing. The meaning of existence vanishes, since there is nothing more to witness. Quantum physics is solving mysteries like this, trying to prove the fact that our consciousness really builds reality itself. I think of "judgment day" not as the end of the history of the human being, on his tiny planet called "Earth", but as the moment in which all cosmic creation unfolds, allowing all black holes ( supermassive stars) to finish their work and to the last star to send off its last photon. The day that after the accelerated expansion of the Universe, the totality is reduced to the hypothetical total darkness. There, when in theory there is no light, the Universe will have died.

    Being light is the closest thing you have to being eternity in the life cycle of the Universe. Did you know that light is the element that travels the fastest in space? If he could only move at the speed of light, he could reach the moon in less than 2 seconds. Let me tell you a very interesting little secret, and that is that the simple fact that we can imagine and dream that we got to the moon in the blink of an eye, completely defies the idea that we are not light. Being light is the closest thing there is to actually being in the "here and now" with respect to whoever saw us travel at that speed. If you could travel at the speed of light, time and space would begin to suffer distortions according to your perception. Everything around you would speed up, and a few years for you would turn into tens of years for anyone not traveling at your speed. Beyond all the physical curiosities of light, being light also represents linking the sensation of clarity and illumination to our reality. There are no words to express what these concepts mean and the reason why we are interested in maintaining these virtues in our lives.


    What would you think if I told you that light and consciousness are related? I am sure that a part of you, which I call inner wisdom or "Higher Self", knows this to be true. Indeed, it is practically impossible for science to decode the elementary structure of consciousness. And it is that they will have to look for much more than a group of molecules. Consciousness is the only thing capable of reaching the speed of light, for the simple reason that it is light. When you imagine, dream or visualize, you go to that light. This is distributed throughout your body, hidden among your cells, genes, and neurons. It ignites like a spark on such a minute scale that it is nearly impossible to locate with current measuring instruments.

    It is believed that there are 7 fundamental centers where this photon energy is stored, and they are distributed along the spine. In Anahuac they are known as kuekueyos, while in the world of the Old East they are called chakras. Consciousness is the true vehicle by which it moves through the cosmos. Knowing that our consciousness is distributed (basically) in 7 points of the body allows us to open a much wider perceptive range, and that it can even reveal the origin of all the ills and diseases with which you may be living. This is an issue that skeptics can be uncomfortable with, especially because of the scientific foundations that limit the possibility of the existence of these energy points. So I ask you to go beyond the rational and be able to interpret the philosophical and archetypal meaning of each of the energy centers with your current situation. When you understand the influence of the organs of your body related to each emotion you experience, you will be able to give order to your tone in general and to the different areas of opportunity that you can work on.


    So if being light is directly related to being consciousness, the last ingredient that makes us up has to do with the power of decision. The will is one of the most interesting and mysterious forces in the cosmos for the simple fact that it manifests a planned direction of the energy that we have. Until now, it has not been proven that the Sun consciously makes the planets revolve around it; it seems to be conditioned to this work throughout its existence. Instead, you can decide the color of the shirt or blouse that you will wear today. That power of choice distinguishes him from any inert object in the Universe. His will is what has led him to make the best decisions of his life. Thanks to the will is that there is a foundation by which every action you take is done. We live without will when the foundation of everything we do is based on things that are not even in our control. When we work on what we don't want to work on, or when we say we feel something we don't feel.

    The will is that element that makes you want to be and do. If you do something wanting to do it, it is because you have found good reasons to do it, and you will put your energy into motion to achieve it, as long as you stick to the emotion that you know you get from doing it and that builds you and gives you a purpose to exist. In fact, motivation is based on doing what we know has a purpose big enough to give significance to our lives. If you want to live motivated, make sure that every day you carry out an action, however minimal, that leads you to fulfill a purpose that you yourself have found or designed for which you believe it is worth the effort to live. The interesting thing is that our life purposes tend to change as we fulfill them. When you feel that what you do is useful or beneficial for you and your environment (this includes society and the environment), you begin to fulfill a purpose, and this is fueled by motivation. Motivation is based on your will; that you really want to do what you feel you were born to do. This leads us to give direction to who we are. Hence the mention that we do things “in good will”. As long as the will could be interpreted as the intention, that is, why or for what we do things, the Toltec understands by will the perfect mix between intention and action. It is not enough to want to do something; you have to do it.

    "Willpower is the spark of light that consciousness activates to be able to create anything."

    For the Toltecs, one of the fundamental concepts of transcendence is evolution, which is why such a concept refers to the totality itself. For the Toltec, to evolve is the indicated way to transcend in any of the existential planes, since it requires a thought of constant change in which not only adaptation occurs, but also continuous improvement and growth. When we evolve, we change by perfecting ourselves, making our life a very enriching experience. And it is that to evolve you need to be creative. When we are creative, we go against laziness, idleness and the cyclical repetition of destructive patterns that condemn and limit us. You are interested in being in constant evolution because that way you could contemplate an inexhaustible flowering of your own being. Being bored would not be in his vocabulary, and routine would be a symptom of his lack of continued growth.

    This decree has the power to put the 3 elements that it decrees to be at the service of life. This means giving a deep and transcendent intention to the energy that light, consciousness and will represent, the same as you are. In the toltekáyotl, evolution and creativity are the highest values to which any warrior and man of knowledge can aspire, even better when put to the benefit of life. It is therefore believed that consciousness is life, organic or inorganic, and that creativity is an evolutionary thought applied to our actions. You cannot deny that to be creative you need to put your consciousness to work, and that when you are creative it feels great to be so. If you put your light, your consciousness and your will at the evolutionary and creative service of life, you are defining the foundations of your life's purpose. This means that it doesn't matter what you are doing, as long as you feel that you are constantly growing and that what you are doing has a direct benefit to life. What guarantees that his intention is correct is in itself that his evolution and creativity are dedicated to life itself. This is an act of conscious love towards the Universe and creation.

    With this decree you constantly remind yourself of the "why" of your existence, because whatever you do, if you comply with the principle of the decree, you are always doing the right thing. You will never need motivation when you can discover the impact of making your energy available and beneficial to life. Think about how your daily decisions affect your own life and the lives of others. Are you aware of how much damage a chaotic diet, or abusing substances such as alcohol and drugs can do to life? Do you often think about the amounts of garbage you generate and how it affects the different species in your area? Do you take into account the benefited and harmed agents when you consume something you don't need?

    Creative and evolutionary actions

    I can gladly mention a few creative and evolutionary actions that benefit life in general. You use your evolutionary and creative energy when:

    • Brighten someone else's day and bring a smile out of that person. Your smile is an instrument of peace; use the.
    • Talk to living beings telling them what you think, feel and want for them. His word is an instrument of love and power; use the.
    • Give food to a person who does not have enough resources to obtain it. His disposition is an instrument of abundance; grant it.
    • Teach and educate a person to do something that breaks their limiting beliefs. His experience is an instrument of wisdom; share it.
    • Love unconditionally. His love is active and revitalizing energy; share it.
    • Express your thoughts and emotions through any form of art. His surrender is a manifestation of fullness; share it.
    • Exercise your body and seek general physical well-being. That requires that you feed yourself and your family healthy. Your healthy body is a building instrument; take care of it and respect it.


    Sixth Decree

    "I am the power that attracts everything you want and dream of."


    Can you imagine that every time you wished for something, it could be fulfilled immediately? Do you think that if this were possible, your sadness and worries would cease? Surely you have heard a lot about the Universal Law of Attraction. Perhaps you have failed or succeeded in trying to attract what you want and dream of; little or big things. If you have ever been successful at this, you know that the feeling our being experiences is often close to ecstasy. According to the Toltec culture (and many more around the world), manifesting what we desire and dream of makes us gods. Before I explain the different methods that exist to make this process a momentous achievement for you, let me mention some of the responsibilities that come with setting this amazing law in motion.

    Although I don't believe there is “good” or “bad”, making wishes come true will not only affect you, but also those around you who you don't even know yet. What you dream and desire is completely based on the agreements that you have formed since you were a child; in the mold that shapes his personal story. There's nothing wrong with wanting a big house and a late-model car, but it could be a dream supported by something very separate from what you really is. They told me that success is having what not everyone can have and being what not everyone can be. However, this is the dream world in which he lived; a gigantic city in which the only thing that differs from the wild world is the lack of wildlife and trees. In Mexico City, the movement that gives things flow is apparently an unbreakable system without purpose. In fact, as a great teacher of mine said, what she has been taught to be successful in life is often selling her dreams for copper coins.

    The "why" of desires

    With this I seek to make you understand that defining the because of your wishes is vital to their fulfillment. The Universe not only wants the best for you, it also wants you to give your best to enrich and beautify the very purpose of the Universe. When you have a much greater reason than to benefit yourself through your dreams, the forces of the cosmos are ordered like clockwork so that you achieve that with the least effort. I guarantee that if you get what you want, and don't put existence to beneficial use with it, your happiness in getting it will be as ephemeral as the withering of a flower separated from the earth.

    It is very common that if you try to practice the Law of Attraction without seeing results, your belief system and agreements begin to forge the idea that the law does not work. If you have not yet succeeded in putting the law into operation, it may be for a number of reasons. One of them is that you are not believing enough in it. Another one is because you expect it to happen at a definite time, and your impatience will sooner or later lead you to experience anxiety about the delay with which it happens. Another one is simply because what you want to attract does not go with your ideals or is not the best for your life. However, and in my experience, whatever you constantly think will be a reality. If you want a partner and they don't show up when you want them, the thought that you can't attract them is greater, since their absence is sufficient evidence. So you constantly think about having a partner, but think even more about the misfortune of not having one yet. Or even worse, in your intention you only benefit yourself, without thinking about the different ways in which you can contribute with this couple to build a better world.

    Keys to Manifestation

    There are three fundamental keys that will lead you to fulfill your desires, and that if you manage to understand these rules of attraction, the law will begin to work constantly in your favor.

    The first key is that you should not need what you want.. In other words, your happiness and fulfillment cannot depend on said dream because by fulfilling it, the happiness and fulfillment you experience will soon disappear. As the Universe knows this, it prolongs the manifestation of said desire voluntarily to avoid its disappointment. The Universe recognizes when you are grateful for what you have and are not constantly lamenting what you don't have. If you live unhappily because you don't have what you dream of, how will your heart thank you when said dream manifests itself? Realize that the intention of the wishes we have adds to the intention that the Universe has for us, and that when both intentions coincide, the manifestation can happen almost as fast as the snap of your fingers. That is why you must first learn to listen to the voice of the Universe in order to know how to direct your desires correctly along the same path that existence itself points you to. If you want to listen to the voice of the cosmos, I can tell you that you will only find it in the inner silence.

    The second key is to be ready to act at the right time.. We are very unaccustomed to asking God for what we need, but very few offer their energy in return. When you ask the Universe for something, do you commit to doing something to make it happen, or do you just sit back with your arms folded? When we offer something of ourselves to the Universe, we guarantee that we will give value to it when it manifests. Some effort in exchange for what we ask for is all it takes to give the creative force of the whole a boost. That is why it is very important to understand that the decree says: “I AM the power that attracts everything you desire and dream of.” You are responsible for attracting everything, because YOU are the Universe itself; YOU are that drawing power.

    The third key is to maintain an attitude of authentic gratitude throughout the manifestation process.. In fact, it could be argued that it is the most crucial element of the entire process. This is because, although the goal seems to be to achieve the desired result, it is the feeling of constant satisfaction and fulfillment that drives success in the manifestation even in its apparent "failure". Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can transform the way we see the world and our circumstances. By adopting an attitude of authentic gratitude, we focus on the constructive rather than the negative, helping us maintain a healthy and balanced outlook.

    When we maintain an attitude of gratitude throughout the manifestation process, we are cultivating a state of mind of power and an abundance mindset. Instead of worrying about what is missing or what we don't have, we focus on the blessings and opportunities that come our way. This approach allows us to feel happier and more fulfilled in the present moment, which in turn makes us more attractive to the manifestation of our desires. It is appreciated before, during and after the manifestation of our wishes.

    When you are patient, it shows that you do not need what you want or dream of. Life can go on, because there are other reasons to be happy. It does not go against the current of the cosmic forces that are working to manifest thoughts. Likewise, when you decide to take any action to fulfill your wishes, no matter how small, efforts are made with the Universe so that this becomes a reality. Remember that happiness is not at the end of the road, but rather it is a state of consciousness in which the road is traveled, and it is consciously activated with gratitude. The realization is not at the top of the mountain, but in the satisfaction and gratitude for having taken the first step to climb it.

    A great friend once said that every great project begins with a seemingly impossible dream to achieve. One should never limit oneself with dreams; It is only important to be aware that the more unattainable they appear, the greater the patience and effort that must be applied. In fact, living like a warrior shows how committed one is to achieving that dream, and sooner or later it will come true. Make sure you enjoy the ride, and look forward to picking yourself up from possible falls, thinking from now on of the energy you will have to get up instead of the pain you will feel. This anticipation is also an attitude of warriors and is well rewarded, since it considerably reduces pain, mitigating suffering as such.

    The purpose of the demonstration

    Finally, what unifies your intention with what the Universe has for you and your manifestation, is that every desire or dream that you have is based on a shared purpose. Giving an extraordinary reason to your dreams makes the Universe see that it will be worth trying to achieve them, since more than one will benefit in the process. The Universe thinks like an investor, not of money but of energy. If you want the Universe to invest energy in you to fulfill your dreams, make sure that the Universe will also gain something for it. Trust me, it's in your best interest if the Universe wins, because you and the people you love are part of it. In the end, remember that the purpose of your dreams and desires is in harmony with your own life purpose. You are in the world and alive for something very important. You came to fulfill a mission, which you will find in the internal silence, and when you catch a glimpse of it and set out on the path towards it, everything will conspire in your favor. If you go straight to fulfill your mission and life purpose, the Universe will provide you with whatever you need to fulfill it.. So if your dreams and desires are in harmony with your mission, assume that everything will come true sooner or later.

    Be sure to surround yourself with people with whom you share goals and values. Mainly hang out with people who believe in you. Believe me that they exist, and that belief is energy set in motion for manifestation. When you have someone who believes in you, the energies to achieve whatever you have as your objective are added and it is a matter of time before you reach them. That way, when you stop believing in yourself, that company won't let you down. I have very good news for you, and that is that when you follow your purpose, there is always someone who believes in you. Another piece of advice that I can give you is that the more you repeat out loud what you want to attract, your beliefs and agreements to carry them out are progressively reinforced, injecting you with the necessary motivation to fulfill it. Also helps visualize and imagine constantly, because your reticular activation system is a powerful energy that gives combustion to your willpower. Of course, decreeing "I am the power that attracts everything you desire and dream" while imagining your dreams come true, represents a very effective energy channel for the realization of whatever you imagine.

    Start with very achievable dreams and desires. It is not enough to comply with small whims and whims if you have not carried out the exercise of imagining and decreeing it before. It is not the same to buy an ice cream because you had a craving when you saw it, than to imagine it from your home, visualize yourself going for it and say out loud "I want an ice cream, I will go for it". The difference is that in the first scenario, your impulses have led you to fulfill an unconscious wish, while in the second scenario, the rite of consciously projecting and decreeing educates you that you really have the power to manifest. So, if you start to materialize small desires consciously, little by little you can do it by increasing the level of complexity that is required to achieve it. Try to fulfill your daily wishes that you associate with duties in an active and conscious way. If you have to meet an objective in your work, do not act out of necessity, but visualize the way in which you have to do it, decree how you are going to do it, and do it. In this way you will be training that what you create and manifest comes from a conscious activation process that you will be able to replicate later.


    Seventh Decree

    "I am the magic with which my words and thoughts are fulfilled."


    It seems that this decree is a romantic repetition of the previous one. However, the power of these words works as a seal with which the previous decrees are agreed (especially if they are pronounced in the suggested order). I would not recommend that you evoke this decree in isolation, because whatever it is that dwells in your thoughts and constantly says will soon become reality. But you have nothing to worry about if you close the previous decrees with this seventh one, since you have already said the most important thing and have defined your true intention.

    In fact, what I would like to briefly discuss with you is the true meaning of the word "magic." Magic is merely a fantastic adjective that adds a wide palette of colors and a wide range of flavors to our ordinary perception. One of the most limiting agreements is the one you probably heard in the transition from childhood to adolescence: "There is no magic." No matter who you heard it from, if you've ever adopted it, you find yourself restricting one of the most pleasurable tasting tools out there. Magic exists, and it becomes much more beautiful and eccentric than it appears in the movies. The reason we think magic doesn't exist is because we simply don't find a tangible similarity to what fantasy presents us with. Why do you think that a child's imagination is pure magic?

    For the common man, magic is some event that exceeds the limits or natural rules, and therefore it is impossible for it to happen. But for the wise, magic exists in every particle of existence, for he considers the miracle of life as a magical act in itself. Ask any scientist about the mystery of life, and many of them will still agree that it is a true miracle. The raw material from which the miracle is formed is precisely magic. Thousands of doctors have witnessed pure magic in hospitals after contemplating inconceivable recoveries of their patients; And yet they don't believe in magic. Magic is the reason why it is possible to reach the unattainable, defying the rules with which the Universe appears to restrict us. Magic is the feeling that it is possible to break the unbreakable. Therefore, when the secret of an act performed by an illusionist is revealed, "the magic is lost."

    Understand that magic is directly related to a belief that can appear in your brain about something that you thought was impossible before. Take the example of the illusionist. When I was a child, I loved to watch street magician shows. Despite the fact that I knew there was a logical and rational explanation for what they were doing, something inside me was lit and inspired by the fascination that witnessing something that seemed to be impossible caused. The magic was not only the act that the magician was performing, but also the emotion that caused me to admire his display. When we contemplate acts of magic, our brain creates neural associations of transcendental impact that reinforce the idea of the possibility of constantly exceeding any limit..

    Magick grants wonder, joy and healing, as long as the intention put into it is constructive. For the Toltecs, the word is one of the main magical tools that exists, since through it the manifestation of ideas is possible, serving as a bridge between the idea and the action. People who use their words for destruction, pollution and suffering are considered black magic witches. We have all been black magic witches at some point in our lives. The fact that our brain conceives the idea of the existence of magic is to keep a door open to the possibility of transcending limiting physical and rational limits. There will be readers who refuse this idea, since objectivity dominates their thoughts. Let me tell you that the acceptance of magic can bring great benefits to your life. I agree that every effect has had a cause, measurable and explainable, but I ask you to remember that magic is not itself in the "irrational" process of the miracle, but in the belief and wonder involved in the process.

    Every time a scientist discovers a new useful function of materials or substances and breaks with the paradigms established by science itself, he is doing magic. Despite having used deductive processes and rigorous methods, the magic lies in expanding the frontiers of knowledge and the emotion that this causes. Although everything that happens at Disneyland has a logical explanation, you experience the magic every time. The experimentation of sensations out of the ordinary allows him to stay in states of consciousness superior to everyday ones, stimulating the natural attention and curiosity that can only be found in innocence.

    In writing this decree, I considered replacing the word "magic" with "means", leaving the decree as "I am the means by which my words and thoughts are fulfilled", which can also work for people who identify less with the fantasy. However, I believe that leading a magical life is key to highlighting our own experience of it. Finally, we all want our life to be full of wonderful events and that we are constantly immersed in extraordinary experiences. Deep down in each of the beings that inhabit this planet there is the desire to live in constant evolution. We would like our life to have that touch of magic necessary to feel the wonder that a child easily finds around him.

    I want to invite you to constantly exercise your imagination. When we use the word "magic" in this decree in communion with "words" and "thoughts", we elevate those concepts beyond what they mean. The "words" are transformed into decrees and the "thoughts" into imagination. Using the thought is not the same as using the imagination. Thought is rational and is classified in what the rules of material existence establish. On the other hand, the imagination is a constant flow of ideas without apparent support, based entirely on infinite possibility. A child sees a thousand shapes and objects in the clouds, while an adult only sees one irregular shape. The boy has not yet fully labeled the cloud, allowing him to transform according to what his imagination dictates: a dog, a car, a toy or a happy face. Instead, the adult has established with his thought the exact qualities of the cloud, confining his form and his interpretation of it; “it has the shape of a cloud”. Giving magic to words and thoughts is allowing the imagination to feed the manifestation and not the thought. In order for Albert Einstein to conceive of the theory of relativity, he had to allow his imagination to reveal to him the experience of traveling at the speed of light; a task that would have been complicated by rational thought, which would focus more on limits.

    So if magic is the ability to conceive that anything is possible, your internal magic will be the one that manifests in this world everything you say and think. I highly recommend that you allow your inner child to recite this decree full of enthusiasm and with the innocence that characterizes it. The power of this decree is manifested with a sensation that comes from his heart and that permeates his entire body with joy and a certain euphoria. If you have to say it with passion, do it. If you think a whisper works best, go for it. But let your inner child guide you and allow you to believe what you say, whatever magic means to you. In the end, what you are looking for is that what you think and say come true. This, of course, if you have known impeccability.

    The Impeccability

    In one of the most important works for Toltequity, the impeccability of words is mentioned as the most important agreement to follow. If you begin to agree that your vocabulary shapes your reality, then it is essential to take care and seek everything that comes out of your mouth. Impeccability is a relative concept depending on what you consider to be the most righteous thing in your life. To define impeccability it is necessary to base the highest values of our life. To be impeccable is to respect and exercise these values without violating or transgressing them.

    A fabulous exercise carried out by different personal trainers around the world is to invite people to specifically define the values that govern their lives, leading them on the path of self-discovery. This exercise is highly effective, since rarely in life do we stop to understand our beliefs and evaluate our commitment to them. On a piece of paper, write down the ten values that you consider most important in life, starting with the most important. Next, I share the list that I wrote the first time I did the exercise and I invite you to write your own values:

    Fundamental values that govern my life:

    1. FREEDOM
    2. LOVE
    3. WISDOM
    4. PEACE
    7. LOYALTY
    8. JUSTICE
    10. MODESTY


    Fundamental values that govern my life:

    1. _______________________
    2. _______________________
    3. _______________________
    4. _______________________
    5. _______________________
    6. _______________________
    7. _______________________
    8. _______________________
    9. _______________________
    10. _______________________

    Now I'm going to ask you 5 questions that are designed to get you to reconsider your list and come up with a definitive version. I suggest that before reading the questions, you propose to write the first list, so that the exercise has the greatest effect on you.

    1. Does it promote the value 1 with the people you love as well as with those you are indifferent to?
    2. How do you integrate the first three values into your daily life?
    3. What do you need to fulfill all the values you have written in their entirety?
    4. Which of the ten values do you consider to be the least applicable in your life and why?
    5. Remember the 3 happiest and most emotional moments of your life. What value is a common denominator of these moments?


    Stop for at least 5 minutes and consciously answer these questions. After taking the time and attention to answer honestly, re-evaluate the list and rewrite it.

    Fundamental values that govern my life:

    1. LOVE
    2. HARMONY
    3. FREEDOM
    4. PEACE
    7. MODESTY
    8. LOYALTY
    9. WISDOM



    Fundamental values that govern my life:

    1. _______________________
    2. _______________________
    3. _______________________
    4. _______________________
    5. _______________________
    6. _______________________
    7. _______________________
    8. _______________________
    9. _______________________
    10. _______________________


    Answering the questions I was able to realize that, despite the fact that I considered Freedom as the highest value of my life, it was sometimes impossible for me to accept the freedom of the people I loved. He was somewhat apprehensive, and suffered if he saw a loved one flying free. Despite the fact that I valued my own freedom, not accepting that of others made me understand that I was not entirely honest with that value. That is why I decided that love should be at the top of the list, since if I really love, I can accept my own freedom and that of others. It was very useful for me to visualize how I put my first values into practice in daily life, because I realized that wisdom was something that I practiced very little despite valuing it. I then asked myself what Wisdom is for me, and it was with the third question that I realized that in order to fulfill all my values, Discipline was a crucial element that forged a whole personality and reinforced self-commitment. By locating the “least important” value, Humility, I recognized that in fact there were few times that I had put it into practice in my life, giving it a higher value on the list. Remembering the 3 happiest and most emotional moments of my life allowed me to verify that the highest values of my life were present in those moments, and that it was essential to replicate them in my day to day to enjoy a better quality of life.

    Usually, the first 5 written values represent what you can aspire to throughout your life. They are the basic pillars that support your personality and if you cling to them you can always feel whole and with complete authenticity. The last 5 values are those that are closest to hand and with which you can carve out a path of success and tangible fulfillment. Every act you do in your life must respect your values. If you find yourself in a job that doesn't feel like it honors your values, I'm afraid to tell you that you may be in the wrong place. If your partner constantly leads you to disassociate from your values, it may not be the best time to share a relationship. The values you've typed into this list are the best indicator of whether or not you're in the right place. Although I believe that we are always in the right place, I also believe in the need that arises from within us to be useful in this world. The value at the end of your list is the one you should start with. So I recommend that you focus daily on this single value, putting it into practice as much of the time as possible, focusing your attention on it.

    Impeccability is directly related to the effort and commitment you make because everything you do in your life revolves around the fulfillment of your values. For the Toltec, to sin is to go against his own principles. It is evident that if you do not respect your list, it will be impossible for you to value that of others. If you don't respect your list, no one will. I will give you a very powerful secret, and that is that when you are very clear about your values and can see them reflected (or broken) through your actions, you have set the course that leads directly to personal fulfillment. All of your dreams, goals, and objectives must flawlessly meet your values so that you can rejoice for a long time after knowing success. When you stick with your list of values, you radically transform the way you make decisions. Then he knows the inner wisdom, and becomes an expert in the art of discernment.

    If you have been practicing the warrior attitude, you will be able to reconcile the idea that the warrior is impeccable in all his actions, because each one of them is in accordance with his values. Why do human beings pay so little importance to our list? Well, because we take for granted that what we do is already the work of our free will. Locate all those moments in which you have suffered and you will be able to realize that, in one way or another, you were violating one or more of your values. I assure you that defining your values will help you use Neuro-Linguistic Design to your advantage to improve your life.


    Free Decree


    Now that you have the seven decrees, I want to invite you to venture into the science of Neuro-Linguistic Design, which I have developed together with great teachers and specialists for the betterment of your life. In the DNL we pay impeccable attention to the use and implementation of the words that make up all the vocabulary we use, without exempting those words that could be passed off as fanciful or illusory, taking as a principle the vocal construction of the words. With the latter, I mean that we not only focus on the composition of the sentences we spin to communicate, but also on the structure of each word that makes it up, taking into account its impact and phonetic aesthetics. Of course the DNL is adaptable to any language, as long as the elementary principles are followed.

    The decrees presented above are the result of exhaustive research in harmony with the power of intuition that the DNL offers as part of its program. This work does not intend to expose the system in depth, since it is put into practice in my workshops and seminars that I give in a personalized way to groups of people without any distinction. However, I would like to show you the elementary components that will allow you to design at your own will, both your own decrees, and your language in general. I seek to make available to you in the most practical way possible all the knowledge acquired over almost 10 years. For functional and reduced effects, there are 3 characteristics that your words and sentences must meet to achieve the effect you want and to be able to express themselves as fluently as possible.

    1. Use as few words as possible.

    When you reduce the number of words you use to make up a sentence, you don't impoverish your vocabulary; rather it becomes selective. Enrich your language by browsing the dictionary from time to time, and venture out in the discovery of new and accurate words that fit your personality or communication need. Thus, when you decree or want to communicate something, you will use your words impeccably, meticulously selecting the most convenient nouns and adjectives with the greatest emotional influence. Using fewer and better words increases the impact they have on yourself and others.

    At first, it may seem difficult to access new language resources. It may be that some words you have discovered are somewhat difficult to pronounce. I suggest you look for practicality and simplicity. Close your eyes and repeat the words you find in the dictionary many times, to the point where they lose their meaning (a game that many of us play as children). Evaluate the phonetic impact they have on you. Do you feel something in your heart when you pronounce them? Trust your ear and aim to use 3 new words that you liked the most in a week. Have a wide variety of linguistic elements, but only make use of the ones that are most convenient and empowering. When you have to communicate a complex idea, try to use one or two adjectives that you think can integrate what you want to convey. remember, "less is more".

    2. Use constructive affirmations.

    Avoid denial, especially in decrees. The affirmation has much greater power for the simple reason that the command is much more direct. The denial, on the other hand, suggests the idea of prohibition or impediment. If you want someone not to do a particular thing, invite them to do exactly what you suggest. The word "No", when used as an order, reactivates neural links associated with negative emotions, especially limiting ones preserved from childhood. The power of the word "No" is in being used as a response to what goes against our will. Refuse to do what you don't want to do or what goes against your principles and values.

    On the other hand, locate how many of your affirmations are constructive and how many are destructive. The example I like to use the most is one that we have all been a part of at some point in our lives. If you have children, you probably take care of them constantly, especially during their early years, when they are still physically vulnerable. If you see that your son or daughter is playing spinning around uncontrollably, or is jumping from furniture to furniture, we tend to decree just what we know is likely to happen but we don't want. We see it, we call its attention and we say "You're going to fall!". This is followed by a fall to which we respond “I told you so”. You probably think you fell because the chances of it happening were obvious. However, you reinforced that idea by decreeing it, mainly because when you said it, you really believed that the odds of falling were in your favor. What I invite you to do is tell you a statement that reinforces motor skills, such as: “Stay strong and steady!” or “Concentrate to stay on your feet!”.

    This example not only applies to a situation as simple as a child falling, but destructive affirmation language can impact a person's life in more profound ways. A friend of mine decided to pursue music when he was young. He had never been involved in any vice. He was healthy and was not interested in being associated with destructive people or environments. His father, who hated the fact that his son wanted to pursue music, related art to the excesses he had seen in other people in his youth. Then his father told him "If you continue in music you will end up lazy and on drugs like the rest of the musicians". My friend ignored it, and every time his father told him that, he experienced a rage that made him more motivated to follow the path of music. It was not surprising that, as faithful as he tried to be to his principles, a couple of years after going on his own and dedicating himself to music he fell into drugs and alcohol. It was until I helped him locate such decrees that his father had planted in him in the past that we were able to work on his recovery. It is not that it is his father's fault or responsibility, but there is no doubt that this strongly influenced my friend to do what he himself had promised himself that he would not do. I am sure that if his father had supported and guided him with good advice, my friend's noble intention would have paid off without having to go through such an experience. Affirmation decrees are not only more timely and efficient, but also help the brain develop new neural associations that allow it to design much more useful language depending on the circumstance.

    Finally, I recommend that you review all those limiting words that you already have used in your language and seek to replace them with some with less negative impact. Avoid words with destructive meaning, so that the brain begins to dissociate the images that these words can stimulate. It may be necessary that if you use a language that could be considered harmful, it is better to start with the debugging of your vocabulary before beginning to apply the previous exercises. Remember that you are not what you say, but your words manifest, and many of the things you aspire to can be kept away as long as you maintain limiting language.

    3. Modulate your voice rhythmically and vigorously.

    The most suitable tone of voice to project efficiently is the one that comes from our diaphragm. For this, simply focus your efforts (which should be minimal, by the way) on the lower part of your ribcage. When you speak, imagine that the voice is coming from the stomach. You will notice that the timbre of your voice becomes deeper and deeper. Although this way of speaking may feel a bit forced, do not try to pretend too much, because it is about making it easy for you to get used to the new sensation. The power that arises from this way of expressing yourself represents greater temperance and control over speech. While the man will notice that his voice becomes deeper and "masculine", the depth in the woman will reflect greater elegance and even sensuality.

    The intensity of your voice should be in accordance with the idea you want to project. If you try to decree force with a soft, delicate voice, your brain will fail to create the neural association effectively. If you want to decree peace and tranquility with a trembling and insecure voice, you must repeat it as many times as it is enough until you calm the voice and express said idea. Rest assured that the repetition of any decree will tend to induce you to the state you are decreeing. However, training your voice towards assertiveness will ensure that your words carry more credibility, even to yourself. For empowerment, the best thing will always be to shout, or at least raise the intensity of the diaphragmatic voice as much as possible. If you speak correctly, as I have indicated, you will not have to hurt your throat by applying more momentum.

    On the other hand, the rhythm of your voice is crucial to maintain emotional coherence with the message you are trying to express. When you speak too slowly, even you can lose attention. When you speak very quickly, the legibility of the words is lost, upsetting their meaning. If you do not have references of good speakers, just go to the internet and browse a little looking for videos of conferences of what you prefer. You can also turn on the radio and take cues from eloquent and convincing broadcasters. What I can guarantee is that when you maintain a pleasant rhythm of speech, the emotional bond you create with your words serves its purpose much better. Not that I intend to induce you into a course in public speaking, but it is important to emphasize the permanence of ideas in people's minds when spoken with the right rhythm and tone.

    Now that you know the basic principles to maintain impeccability in words, I invite you to start freely designing your own decrees. It should be clarified that the seven previously presented decrees relate the Being (I Am) with transcendental concepts of existence, which constitute a universal guideline of physical, mental and spiritual integrity. Thus, the following decrees that I invent will provide the Self with qualifying attributes directly. I personally designed a decree that affiliates three virtues that I consider extremely important and that I could not include in the main decrees, so that it remains as an example to provide you with inspiration. Repeat out loud and with certainty that what you say is true:

    “I am Healthy, Free, Happy and Abundant”

    As you can see, the adjectives fall directly on the "I am". You have the opportunity to include here any virtue that you consider important that did not appear in the seven decrees. In fact, you could add your entire list of values that you've written above. It could also be completely specific, depending on the circumstances you want. If you have an important exam to pass you can develop something like: “I am attentive and intelligent, and I have the necessary ability to pass the exam”. If you are in a difficult situation where you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can use a decree such as: “I am prosperous and lucky; I find abundance in everything around me”. If you are going through a tough emotional situation, you can say: “I I am strong, detached and resilient." If you think you need to improve your self-esteem considerably, try saying: “I I am magnificent from humility”.

    Although I consider that the seven Toltec decrees are enough to encompass an entire alignment towards the excellence of the Being, it is important that you develop your own decrees with which you can create a relationship of belonging and authenticity. With a single decree that he manages to develop and adopt as his own, he will be able to link himself in his three planes of existence with said decree, giving him immense power over his life. I highly recommend the book "Awakening the Giant Within" by Anthony Robbins, as in it you can find an extensive list of great words that are meant to surpass ordinary "positive" words.


    Imagine how splendid your life would be if it depended on the quality of words you use. Please don't forget to do the dictionary exercise; I am sure that you will discover words with such power that they will enrich your life like never before.


    the mantra


    When we invite sciences such as History, Anthropology, Genetics and Neurosciences to live together in a friendly encounter, ancient techniques of universal interest emerge. The Mantra is one of the most powerful flowery weapons that I have found so far (as a born musician that I am) to illuminate my evolutionary process. The science of sound acts from quantum physics, and that affects the different scales of the perception of reality, artistically comparing them with an infinite fractal behavior. The hidden power of the word lies in the vowel and consonant itself; in the elemental ingredients of its composition. Music has a substantial influence on the interpretation of reality because it enhances the natural characteristics of material creation. That is the function of art in general.

    One of the most valuable secrets that I have found in my personal exploration has been to understand the function that vowels and consonants have in our body, completely isolating sounds and reciting them aloud, in a whisper, and in silence ( that is, in the mind). The vibrations that cause specific sounds, which originate from our vocal cords and travel through every cell in our body, have a physical and mental impact on us. A specific vowel is capable of stimulating our Being to such a degree that our neuro-associative system begins to respond to it, activating regenerative functions and harmonizing its operating system. The clearest example to illustrate the above is that of the mantra "MOM". When a person begins to repeat the word "Mom" for a long time, they will be sending very specific signals to their brain, which will have a reaction. If the person becomes disinhibited and begins to yell the word "Mom", their mind will begin to take them to states of consciousness very similar to those they have experienced since saying the word "Mom". If you yell like a boy or a girl, suddenly your unconscious will begin to experience all the times you used the word in such a way. If you say it soft and slow, the same thing will happen.

    I have sought to summarize in this list the 3 most powerful mantras that I have been fortunate to discover and explore, which I share with you with the hope that you obtain an amazing key to your evolution and tonal expansion. Be sure to pronounce the mantras in solitude or in deep contact with nature. In this way, no prejudice will prevent you from fully experiencing the practice. When you recite a mantra, be sure to prolong the letters that make it up. The longer and more uninterrupted they are between them, the greater the effect they will create on your systems. Seek to stay in a single vocal tone. Be sure to pay attention to the sensations that arise when you repeat it constantly (try for at least 1 minute). I invite you to do them right now; I assure you that your brain will create a new neuro-associative register very deep in you.




    GOD I AM




    Be sure to smile at the end and feel the magic.





    According to ancient sources of knowledge scattered throughout the planet, each vowel has a potentiating effect on our body. To fully exploit this mantra, you will need to start by reciting each of the vowels independently. Make sure that each vowel is the length of a long breath, that is, that you will say the vowel until you run out of breath. Keep in mind that when breathing, we will use diaphragmatic breathing, and that when we elicit the vocal sound, the (minimum) effort must come from the stomach. Be very aware of which parts of your body are stimulated by each of the vowels and focus on the sensations that appear. I recommend adding the consonant "n" or "m" to the end of each vowel. If you wish, stop at a particular vowel with which you have felt comfortable or well-being and repeat it as many times as necessary. Be attentive to the vibrations that are propagated from your throat and sensitively contemplate what is happening in your body. I recommend that as you recite the vowel, play with the position of your tongue, moving it back and forth to create harmonics. Be sure to gaze in wonder during the exercise, just as a child plays and explores his own body. So, repeat the following out loud for 1 minute:











    The interpretation of what each vowel does seems to find greater relevance in subjectivity and personal experimentation, since each person feels something different. Although the impact of specific vowels, such as "i" to the pineal gland, "e" to the throat, "o" and "a" to the ribcage, resonating in the heart and lungs, or the "u" in a lower and deeper part such as the belly and stomach, all can act differently in each person. Now proceed to recite the vowels in a continuous and uninterrupted manner, so that during a whole exhalation you can name the 5 vowels with duration evenly distributed in each one. Contemplate on this occasion the very particular movement that your tongue must make to maintain continuity between the vowels in that particular order, as well as the mystical sound that arises from said sequence. Repeat the IEOUA mantra aloud 13 times:








    The next step to consolidate the use of this mantra for its best use is to pronounce it with a rhythm of 5 beats. Popular music is based entirely on 4 and 3 beats, which tend to have a more symmetrical sense, and therefore are better adopted by the brain. However, beat 5 is rarely used, as this particular count requires much more attention to register it as a natural rhythm. The easiest way I recommend for you to feel 5 beats is to use your five fingers, lightly tapping each one on your knees. For this, the most convenient thing is that you are in a meditation posture (whichever you prefer). Start with your thumbs, with the thumb of both hands being the number one strike. Stroke 2 will be the index finger, Stroke 3 the middle finger, Stroke 4 the ring finger, and Stroke 5 the little finger. When you tap with your fingers, be sure to tap continuously, leaving no gap between tap 5 and tap 1. At first, the challenge is to sync your fingers continuously, from thumb to little finger. It is important that you do it with both hands so that your two cerebral hemispheres work in harmony. The thumbs correspond to the vowel "I", the index fingers "E", the middle fingers "O", the ring fingers "U" and the little fingers "A", as well as "AH", "AM" and "AN".

    When you find yourself repeating it constantly, you will have the need to breathe and not break the rhythm. For this, the vowel “A”, at beat 5, will be the one to allow you to inhale and start again with the vowel “I”. I am also going to recommend that you have a metronome with you when you do the exercise. The metronome is a device that will allow you to keep rhythmic count of the beats. There are free metronomes on the internet or in applications for your mobile. You will need to program your metronome to perform 5 beats (beats or beats), between 140 and 160 bpm (beats or beats  per minute) to start. The goal is to be able to do it at 230 - 250 bpm. You decide the speed according to your comfort within the mentioned ranges. You can keep your gaze focused on an object (candlelight is the most recommended) or close your eyes and allow the rest of your senses to interpret the exercise. Try saying it out loud and repeatedly for 1 minute:

    Time 1 2 3 4 5
    Finger in. ind. med. anu. min.



    Smile and feel the magic of well-being.


    "God I am"

    This mantra is particularly presented in Spanish, and it is convenient to recite it as it is written. If you speak in a language that is not derived from Latin, I ask you to adjust to the correct pronunciation of "God I am" according to Spanish. It is very valid that you also recite the mantra in your native language, but saying it in Spanish has a profound reason. The vowels "I" and "O" together work peculiarly in the reconnection with our divinity or higher Self. The "S", like the sound of the snake, reminds us of our human condition of earthly belonging. When we say "God I am" constantly and repetitively, we are summarizing the first decree to a mantra. In fact, this mantra is strongly linked to the awakening of the kundalini Or the Feathered Serpent.

    The secret to making this mantra work most effectively is to say it as a whisper. During the repetitions, the consonant "S" will predominate, while the "D" will only function as a phonetic divider to thread the mantra, preserving its meaning. You can repeat it at whatever speed you feel most comfortable with. If you say it in a group, try to get everyone to rhythmically synchronize the mantra. For our Toltec ancestors, the spirit of the air reveals the truth to men. Reciting this mantra in a whisper is precisely establishing contact with the spirit of the wind. The most interesting part of this mantra is that you will have to repeat it even when you are inhaling air. You are able to whisper this mantra during inhalation and exhalation. Try saying “God I am” now as you slowly inhale through your mouth. Thus, you will find yourself applying the so-called "Warrior's Breath", which consists of inhaling and exhaling through the mouth, while these words continue to flow from your mouth. Seek to go into complete relaxation when you repeat the mantra:

    "GOD I AM"



    This may not be considered a mantra, but rather a vocalization exercise that keeps your voice in shape. However, I find it a very interesting tool to awaken and reconnect your inner child. I'm pretty sure when you read it above and tried to say it, it not only seemed strange to you, but it most likely amused you and made you feel uncomfortable trying to say it out loud. The point of this exercise is precisely for your inner child to play with the pronunciation of the letters. The consonants that make up this mantra are called "sound", and they are those that can be sustained in their pronunciation. The mantra is thought to move from nasal consonants (M and N), through liquid or laterals (L), followed by stops (G), trills (R), fricatives (Z) and back to stops (D) and ( V).

    The pattern to which the order of these consonants conforms is related to the movement of the lips and tongue that they must make together to create natural transitions between them. To do this, I ask you to focus on the sound that each of the consonants creates individually. Lengthen sounds by seeking to sustain them as long as possible. The letter “G” must be said as it is implemented in the word “Water”; when held it produces a very peculiar sound. The letter "R" can be used as in the word "car", or, reducing it to the point where the tongue does not touch the palate, as it is pronounced in the Anglo-Saxon language. The letter "Z" seeks to imitate the sound of a bee or any flying insect. The letter "D" can be prolonged if your tongue is just below your teeth, as well as the "V" if you keep your teeth on the lower lip.

    Once you have experienced the sensation that each consonant offers you, proceed to pronounce two consecutive consonants together with the aim of forming pairs. Focus on the transition that your mouth creates between the two consonants, that is, the sound in between the two pronounced letters:


















    When you have explored and recorded the unique sensations of connecting the sounds of each consonant, proceed to say them all on one exhalation. This time try to add the last ingredient to enjoy all the benefits of exercise: the will. All these consonants allow you to smile, even holding them. Try it and see for yourself:





    It is very important that you perform the exercise as forcefully as possible, putting momentum into your voice. If you do it this way, your vocal cords will begin to exercise and you will activate your voice in an empowering way, giving your word more vigor and strength. Be a cheerful and curious boy or girl. You may remember that you already did these exercises intuitively when you were little after the need to discover the sounds you could produce with your mouth. Don't be surprised if after this your eyes look at life itself with another perspective. Have fun and smile!


    The sentence


    Unlike all the material contained in this book, the prayer is the word addressed to the Supreme Being, whatever we believe, before whom we propose surrender. Surrender is an act that allows us to download and release everything that our Being appropriates and that does nothing to give us peace and fulfillment. As much as a person aspires to his maximum expression of divinity (according to his beliefs), the creative energy of the Universe lives in its entirety beyond the borders of our imagination. This force is capable of purifying and renewing everything that we decide, consciously or unconsciously, to carry on our backs, and that on many occasions does not even belong to us. Prayer honors this surrender, letting God or the Universe know that its magnificence is always contemplated from the human limits of our perception. Prayer is therefore the message that as individuals we generate towards the cosmos, and that is received and answered when it is sent with intention and purpose. In the prayer it is made clear that, regardless of the intimate link we have with divinity, we are in constant search of said connection.

    Prayer is a very powerful communication vehicle with our Superior Being, who is within us and who projects his presence towards the entire Nagual. Regardless of the religion you belong to or the type of beliefs that govern your life, the practice of prayer can offer you great benefits. You have probably repeated a few sentences throughout your life. I even believe that there is a prayer that he has resorted to when he finds himself in a particular difficulty in which he is exposed to the naked before the abyss of fear, uncertainty or chaos. I guarantee there is nothing more powerful than starting or ending a day with a prayer filled with intention.

    In this chapter I want to share with you the elements that make up the prayer, as well as provide you with a personal prayer that has given me illumination and a great sense of belonging to my lineage. At DNL we seek that prayer provides you with protection and wisdom. The importance of differentiating the decree from the prayer is precisely in the intention placed in each of them. The decree is an order that our neuro-associative system captures and uses as a resource to support what we want to manifest. On the other hand, the prayer includes more elements that magnify your will, harmonizing the relationship between your Tonal (perception bubble) and the Nagual (the totality to be perceived). With the DNL I was able to discover that there are three elements that make up a complete sentence. When a sentence complies with the following principles, it summarizes in a practical and simple way an entire system of deep existential recognition.

    Every prayer contains Exaltation, Gratitude and Desire

    In the Exaltation we reveal the superiority of that creative being in which we believe. Said act is not necessarily related to submission, but rather to humility. Nor is it about recognizing a personal inferiority, making ourselves less, but we base our attempt on the understanding of our almost imperceptible footprint in the immensity of the Universe. At the macrocosmic level, our creative power is incomparable with that of a supernova or a star fusing elements. This attitude towards divinity opens the gap between the possible and the impossible. The Exaltation seeks to boast of the eternal and unattainable power that the God in whom we believe possesses. In this way we show, in an almost artistic way, the immeasurable amazement for creation itself.

    With Gratitude it is possible for us to reach a state of satisfaction and constant fulfillment. When we constantly give thanks for everything we have, without thinking about what we think we lack, we communicate to the Universe that its creation is well valued. In fact, when you give thanks, you send signals to your brain that what you are thankful for builds you and makes you a better person. The most famous prayer in the world, the "Our Father" does not omit gratitude in its composition. Ancestral teaching dictates that gratitude is in the attitude one has during prayer. Precisely showing gratitude is a symbol of our ability to always take advantage of the best that the Universe has for us, no matter how unfortunate any situation may seem. Through gratitude we can find personal fulfillment, and even become more resilient, tolerant and respectful of the circumstances that life presents us with. When you add gratitude in your prayer, either in intention or in word, you put into practice a state of consciousness that potentializes more areas of personal development. Gratitude is closely related to forgiveness, since it is impossible to give thanks when resentment is in the way.

    Finally, Desire goes beyond what we want or think we need for ourselves. In this, we put a sincere intention of what we also wish for others and for the Universe itself. All matter in the cosmos works like a mirror, not only because of its physical qualities, but also because when we interpret the Everything, we interpret ourselves. Beyond the rational objectivity necessary to avoid mixing philosophy with physics, I personally think that our Universe is built by mere interpretation. How do you like to imagine what the cosmos is like? Do you believe that despite the countless number of stellar and planetary explosions and collisions, there is a purpose to existence? What do you imagine the consciousness of our own galaxy to be like, do you think she would want the best for you? How would you like the relationship between human beings and extraterrestrial beings to be if they existed? How do you imagine that human beings should behave in order to live harmoniously with the entire Universe? When you wish in a prayer, you are not only asking for yourself and the people you know or love, but you are also putting a bit of intention into what you want for existence itself. Consider this thought of "desire" as a form of direct communication with everything that surrounds you and that allows you to maintain a constructive attitude during your stay in this life, forging an interdependent relationship and fruitful feedback.

    I want to share with you the prayer that has accompanied me during my last years. It has been inherited from the intimate relationship that I have formed with the Universe and with everything that builds my beliefs. I sincerely hope that the power of this prayer will guide you on your own path.


    Prayer of the Warriors of the Last Sun

    Being All Powerful @,

    creator of Tonal (matter) and Nagual (energy);

    bigger than ideas and any measure,

    I put my strength in your name,

    my emotions and wars.

    So permeate your energy totally in my being.

    Remunerate in abundance the vital

    and everything that allows us to create.

    Give me power like the suns;

    for as one to shine.

    be my teacher

    of science and spiritual

    of art and war

    Unify the stars with my thinking

    and every vibration of my soul

    make it light for the sky to illuminate.

    Grant me Serenity, Courage and Wisdom.

    excuse my offenses

    and grant me eternal Grace.

    In your name;

    Center of the universe

    Heart of fire

    And Essence of Truth.

    For the cycles of cycles and for eternity.


    So, I invite you to take the time to creatively write your own prayer. It doesn't matter if you don't consider yourself very good at literary art. This exercise will lead you to experience a much more intimate relationship with your creator; with your Higher Self. When you pray with your own words to divinity, however you conceive it, you establish a deep bond that gives you strength, energy, encouragement and harmony. In addition, during the process of creating our prayer, we finish defining everything that builds our reality in the 3 planes of existence: physical, mental and spiritual. By writing the prayer that connects you and God, a powerful flow of blessing arises that you can call upon whenever you need it. Remember that when you define God, you define yourself at your best. He establishes everything he aspires to and formidably charts the path he must follow, regardless of his physical appearance.

    I invite you to start your day with the Prayer of the Warriors of the Last Sun (lineage of nagual origin from which I have inherited this and more information), followed by the seven decrees presented. Add your own decree later, even feel free to replace the decrees presented here with some of your own. Dare to dedicate your own prayer to God and contemplate the blessings you will begin to receive from the first moment you say it. Don't forget to add a space to the thank you. Accompany your prayer and decrees with a list of everything you are currently grateful for. Don't be so conservative with your thank you list. Every detail, no matter how small it may seem, is important to magnify the effect of this beautiful ritual to which you are becoming accustomed. If possible, allow the first rays of the sun to touch your face while you are in prayer and decreeing. Nothing in this book will make complete sense to you until you immerse yourself in practice and habit.

    Accept yourself through your words. Understand that your interpretation of reality is what builds it, and that what you remember is a subjective truth. You always have the power to reinterpret everything that you have experienced and that has hurt you or led to suffering. The word is one of the strongest reinterpretation tools you have to build and rebuild yourself. Be impeccable with your words and you'll see most of the best kept secrets unfold in front of you. Guard your thoughts; all disease feeds on thought focused on the disease itself. Be sure to say what you feel more often than you think, because the wisdom of the heart puts thoughts in order. Relearn to breathe and speak; thus he will remember the infinite internal power that has carried his whole life. Smile and enjoy.


    Suggested order to decree:


    • Prayer: Start the ritual by arranging your will. You can recite the prayer of the Warriors of the Last Sun, or any other for which you feel a deep sense of belonging.


    • Mantra: The mantras "IEOUA" and "God I am" will help to clear the mind and induce internal silence. This is how he energetically prepares to potentiate the decree. I recommend pronouncing them with your eyes slightly closed, looking at the tip of your nose or between your eyebrows.


    • Decrees: At this point, your disposition and will are stimulated. You will feel that even your voice projects in a different way, more imposing and better directed. Do not limit yourself in intensity or intentness. Decree with all your Being.



    May fulfillment and harmony reign in your life.










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