The warrior is the one who makes life a search, the one who tries to make sense of each moment, who values wisdom and compassion. He who learns to manage himself vitally and existentially is all sagacity and is free of violence.

Hunab amaya

Spiritual Warrior Attitude

A warrior is the one who raises his spirits, does not lose heart, draws inspiration from sadness, values the positive and does not get lost in the negative. It is strong and straight; Try to be ethical and fair, try not to fall into your own traps, turn life into the great teacher, try to free the mind from deception and self-deception, fallacious pretexts and compromises.

Spiritual Warrior Values

Furthermore, he values clear intelligence and expansive tenderness, he is always trying to develop himself for the benefit of himself and others, he lives without hatred among those who hate, with joy among the dejected, with confidence among the distrustful, with joy among the desolate, with courage among the discouraged and with detachment among the greedy.

The Warrior and his Environment

The spiritual warrior is an attitude, an aroma, a presence. It can be a student, the housewife, the businessman, the farmer or any person who seeks a meaning of internal growth in his or her life, who associates external development with internal development, who is in the attempt and commitment to brighten consciousness, polish primordial intelligence and develop love and compassion.

Warrior's Internal Conquest

The warrior is careful with himself and others, avoids harm, promotes well-being, develops a feeling of unity. A true spiritual warrior is one who learns to relate to himself, improves the relationship with other living creatures, develops his emotional potential, seeks a sense of integration and improvement of existence, promotes constructive and growth energies, instrumentalizes life - even in adverse circumstances, to complete your inner evolution.

Self-Discipline and Warrior Consciousness

He knows how to live every moment with a lucid and equanimous consciousness... or at least he does not give up in his attempt to achieve it. He is a spiritual warrior who undertakes the conquest of himself. To do this, he does not isolate himself, he continues with his daily life, although in a different dimension of consciousness and perception than those who are not on the path of search; He lives installed in balance, not allowing himself to be excessively disturbed by victory or defeat, encounter or disagreement, praise or insult.

The Power of Self-Conquest

There is no greater achievement than that of oneself; there is no greater knowledge than inner knowledge; There is no greater joy than that which springs from the internal source of serenity and does not depend exclusively on external events. The most powerful warrior is the one who manages to defeat himself.

Meditation and Silence of the Warrior

The spiritual warrior learns not to lament or self-pity. He takes no pleasure in doubt for doubt's sake; He investigates, learns, hesitates, but the skeptical, sterile and deserted uncertainty is not his. He appeals to human intelligence and develops clear understanding, although he knows that many human beings do not even understand what it is to understand. Love the exterior silence, even more so the interior.

Attention and Vigilance in Everyday Life

Resting within himself, in fruitful meditation, he renews his energies, his clear vision, his stable spirit. In meditation, methodically cultivate attention and hone consciousness. In everyday life, remain alert, because only the attentive are alive and avoid hurting in thought, word or action. Because this attention makes you precise, self-aware and vigilant, and you do not identify with your own or other people's negativities.

Spiritual Warrior Values and Beliefs

In meditation and inner silence, the warrior listens to the voice of his being that infuses him with new encouragement. He does not believe in violence, he knows that the only eternal law is that of love. He does not believe in coercion or coercive means, he knows that conscious discipline is essential, as well as confronting life with a sense of effort. He is not offended by banalities, he is not fazed by trivialities. He does not believe that anything beautiful can flourish from fear, nor does he believe in disorder, but his order is not rigid or neurotic. He knows that the cleansing of the world must begin with that of his own mind.

Balance and Care of the Spiritual Warrior

Appreciate your body, attend to it, arrange it, prepare it, but without attachment, without obsessions. He also takes care of his mind and cultivates it carefully. Impose a dose of dignity on his character and examine his behavior. Through meditation he recovers his basic harmony, his posture being a symbol of his disposition. From the earth on which it rests it wants to project itself to the whole.

The Warrior in Personal Improvement

Only a warrior endures the path of improvement. Your life is a challenge, and challenges are neither good nor bad, just challenges. The life of the warrior is a search, because what counts is his attitude. It does not matter what job or function you have had to perform and, although apparently you are like ordinary people, your attitude is what differentiates you, marks you and defines you as a spiritual learner.

Fight and Perseverance of the Spiritual Warrior

He knows what he must exclude and what he cannot forget; he knows which direction he cannot ignore; He delights in the vision capable of relativizing and not magnifying and, permeable and porous, he has a comforting sense of humor and avoids unnecessary conflicts. It is the struggle against internal habits, negative emotions, aggressive behaviors and egocentric propensities that the spiritual warrior undertakes, trying to discover and overcome his mechanical reactions, his conditioning of attachment and hatred, his false rationalizations and his mental and mental automatisms. affective.

Independence of Thought of the Warrior

Thus their life acquires a full and special meaning, cooperating with their own fulfillment and, through this, contributing to that of other creatures. The warrior is not blind, nor does he accommodate or adapt. He is not a savior of souls nor a revolutionary who takes up arms, but he totally and intelligently distrusts the “values” and models that a blind and mechanical society ferments and, from his social, professional and family position, he tries to continue investigating, obtain the more beautiful self to share it with others, and not allow oneself to be swamped by the guidelines and negative feelings of a society that is a poor copy of what it should be.

Artwork by Hunab Amaya,

Inner Freedom of the Spiritual Warrior

The spiritual warrior, to the extent that he completes himself, rediscovers that new way of thinking, feeling, living and relating, which does not turn his back on his inner being, but is inspired by that inner being and reports a joy and balance not subject to outside influences. Without being so obsessed by what he likes and dislikes (as happens to the vast majority of people), he becomes his own healer, located in his real nature, an imperturbable but joyful witness to the flow of vital phenomena, firmly Rooted in his own space of being, the spiritual warrior makes his life the satisfying and profound investigation of “that” that never ceased to be and turns his own life into an adventure towards the awakening of consciousness, learning to handle himself in the tumultuous ocean of everyday life and in the inspiring ocean of your inner life.

Perseverance of the Spiritual Warrior

So, having taken the path towards plenitude and meaning, trusting in self-vigilance and self-improvement, you are freeing yourself from many ties, and delighting in the sublime and incomparable taste of inner freedom. The warrior does not give up, in the face of what he is passionate about, he finds love in what he does, and no matter how many adversities life throws at him, he FIGHTS UNTIL THE END.