Hunab Amaya 2023

The year 2023 has had the particularity of bringing intense challenges at multiple levels of our lives. Each person experienced a monumental shake-up in different areas of the personal bubble. Consequently the entire planet has been, literally, exploding. Our prayers and constant attention to the waters and lands are the living flame during an unimaginable transition of consciousness.

Much of the western planet celebrates a cycle transition very close to the winter solstice. 2023 (7) to 2024 (8). We move from a year of many changes and movements to one of greater order and stability in the aspects that constitute the experience of life.

I constantly think and pulse images of restoration and healing in the ecosystems of this planet, believing and trusting that my being will eventually feel the same, restored and healed. I visualize the people around me doing the same thing.

Because after our return from a social crisis of confinement, many of us have had a hard time reconnecting with the earth and fresh air. Furthermore, our planet will continue to be large enough for each individual who lives on it, and there is a piece of paradise for each person ready to be inhabited.

This piece of paradise that Mother Earth offers us has a price, and it is conquering an internal paradise.

Because that's the only way to earn paradise on this planet.

It is not bought with money, but with the awareness of its care.

An internal paradise takes care of a paradise on earth.

From these years on, the consciousness of the collective moves towards the internal paradise, spreading through light the information of love throughout the multidimensional realms, allowing the shadow to recreate itself and serve harmony and creation again.

In order to create it, you have to start by believing it (feminine aspect), followed by doing the constant and disciplined work of creating it (masculine aspect); and thus repeat this sacred cycle over and over again.

May the paths of all beings be filled with flowers,

May hearts pulse conscious of life,

May you love each other in all directions,

and may miracles happen.